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The Importance of Importance...


The Importance of Importance...

The importance of meaning, the importance of relevance, the importance of consensus, the importance of "Importance", the importance of being important, of counting and such; being important, being judged well, or good, or better or best, constructing importance, constructing relevance, constructing meaning, the construction of the association of bits of information with acceptance of oneself through the eyes of others, the remote mind, the imagined and imaginary mind of others, the make believe and invented minds of others in as much as you can never really know, you can never know if the other mind is even real, if what you think it thinks of you is A or B, if the other mind hates you or loves you, or judges you as A or B or C and so forth, or if it is even real and so on, the doubts, the make believe and lets pretend other mind exists game, and the conditioning of entire lives over these imaginary other minds all judging and trying to obtain consensus and acceptance and relevacne and meaning through the imaginary other judgements of others and so on, denoted judgements, of what you imagine is in the eyes of other minds judging, the other mind aware state of being, just like the time aware state of being.

And yet this is what is always blocking and creating interdictions to the make believe and pretend game, this is what is stopping you always, already from within yourselves from inventing the wildest, from hosing all and any reality principle as reality is only the set of bits which are consensus based, which can be "verified" through others, with others, through objective truths valid for all etc. But why should you care ? why should any objective truths even matter ? what is so important of being objective and true and right ? because of its social function ? because a society must survive ? but set yourself free from society, kill all objectivity, become the totally subjective, self contained subjective new Man, new mind, invent the craziest, become a little little baby and play make believe, play make believe, lets play make believe, why doesn't anyone want to play make believe with me ? like a little baby who wants to play make believe and everyone is being a party pooper, is ruining all the fun, lets play pretend, and invent ever more incredible worlds and concepts and anything at all and assign that as real, as it really is real in as much as any wild idea, world, imgined world is just another set of bits, only bits in the mind, only bits of information written to the memory in the minds and as such they are all the same, they are all equally real or false, all relevant or meanigless and such.

To "youxgdgefrgrghrhggg" who writes this craporola:
"Therefore,it makes are safe to understand more about have furniture that performs double task,an"
From kunstler's blog, the chinese spammer, lets play make believe, if you want to deconstruct meaning with sentences, use ever more abstract terms, take complex scientific papers talking about complex abstract things full of weird technical terms and use those words to create new wicked sentences suggesting new wicked meanings (mix up all the words, all of the combination of words and symbols and logic segments and so forth), don't use those boring marketing snippets you use, uses abstract algebra papers, and mix up all the words, or put them through the google translators and make them transit a few languages over and over again until the meaning becomes incredible, a new world, a new make believe world comes into existence and such. Or just connect the most abstract words together, string them together to suggest ever more incredible concepts, the more mysterious and impossible to undrestand the better, precision ruins all possiblity, ruins the game for you, vaguenesss and mystery makes the game ever more interesting, suggests ever more remote and far away worlds, ever more interesting and intriguing and such: like "spark time, reconduct volume machine, symbol generator geomterical region angle, coordinate space unit from machine subbox, resource box transit connection, frequency point complex relation, space time deconstrcution engine, cylinder block type machine word" etc...
deconstruction of meaning and sense, the deconstruction of logic ,

ike レッツ古いKが代数的に閉じた
(A1、A2、:::、)(K)は、F(A1、A2、:::)、すべてのF2 =0である。
証明しましょR = K[X1、X2、:::、XN]。そしてRは、K-代数の力です。それ
? R:K-準同型下5.6に存在しています! K
同じものですか?ケル? AIの=? (Xi)としましょう


Let's old K is algebraically closed
And let [, X2, X1 :::, XN] K proper ideal I of a polynomial ring
Dokripjeokneun of Xn X1, X2, :::, is undefined. Then, at some point, presence
(K) (A1, A2, :::,) is all F2 = 0, F (A1, A2, :::).
R = K [X1, X2, :::, XN] to prove. R is the power of the algebraic K-and. It
? I present to 5.6 under homomorphism K-: R! K
Is it the same thing? Kell? Of AI =? Suppose (Xi)



And then after all, it seems to me that we are just exercising our language and thought skills over and over again, all of this information generation and production, all of these thoughts and talking and words and debates, etc. is just a constant exercise, over and over again to exercise our logic segments, inventing ever new logic segments over and over again, just a constant drone...

But then it is just the scale of things that makes everything irrelevant, intractable, non important, puny, etc. anything goes, anything can be real or false any cause and effect can be operating or any opposite cause and effect, it doesn't matter, it can't be verified and such. The Technological Economy with millions of workers (huge number of redundant workers, but at the same time unskilled or skilled and at the same time too many and too few and at the same time companies can't find the right "skill set" but have too many of all kinds of skill sets, anything goes, everything is true and false, everything is A and the opposite of A, it doesn't even matter, it doesn't even make sense and it doesn't even exist as it is all an imaginary world made up of concepts and words and imaginary causes and effects a society brainwashes itself to believe in and such), large economies of scales, redundancies, excess capacity (and huge scarcities and such) huge productivity next to huge waste and unproductivity, all conflicting and contradicting but in the end all hoovering around a zero result and such, technologies and so forth, networks, etc. everything is a lie, and everything is true, makes everything irrelevant, intractable, eveything the utmost important and at the same time completely invisible and so forth, irrelevant.

It doesn't matter, everything is OK, everything is perfect, it has all been achieved, you won and such...
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