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Take the number of atoms in a centimeter of Matter, so maybe 10 ^ 9. How many combinations of matter can be perfromed by that number of atoms ? 10 different atoms gives you 10 ^ ( 10 ^ 9 ), a very high number and such. So Matter can combine in so many ways, it can express a combination of possibilities, so in that centimeter you may have many combinations that express a Mind, an Observer, a Lifeform, an Item undergoing some kind of Experience, a combination of a brain interacting and such. And the mindform may be diffused, may be under many interacting levels, there may be many will power effects reciprocally between entities within the Matter, many different universes and therefore laws of physics. All of those atoms combining to create a new universe as perceived and observed by a subset of the group of atoms acting as an observer, etc. So this is the real parallel universe effect, this is where the real parallel universes live, within the possible combinations of matter creating new brain designs therefore new laws of physics and new universes, new rules of engagements of a subset of matter with its surrounding matter or containing matter environment or with the environment contained within itself and such (or vice versa, it doesn't matter, inside or outside, larger or smaller, any rules of engagments are possible) and each new combination of matter creates a new universe with new laws of physics and new kinds of Observers in the form of new Brain designs, new Interactor designs and such.

And in fact, there are many more possible laws of physics than particles of matter, the number of universes greatly exceeds the quantity of matter used to express the combinations corresponding to a new universe, and as such there are many more Information Relationships than quantity of Matter and Mass Energy itself, as if Matter is just a substrate, an excuse to express relationships that become alive and become Matter undergoing Experiences, etc.

But of course all of this is using our logic and view of the universe as if it were the absolute, the total containing view, as if our view is an absolute: but it is not, it is just one universe amongst many trillions of others, all equally true or false, all equally valid views, all views that have their own synchronized and internal coherence but only because they do not enter in contact with other views, other formats (worlds formatted according to another system of symbols and rules) that would render the view confused and no longer coherent. But these intermediate states exist also and such.

But it is difficult for us to accept that our laws of physics are essentially false, or just a make believe, arbitrary and valid just for our very distinct and specific and quirk design: but it is so, even though this discussion itself is using logic itself to justify and discover all of this, and logic itself is a quirk, but so then this brings us close to the edge, the edge of reality as discovered by logic.

So all of the possible Minds and Brainforms and Observers and Experiencing Machines within a Block of Matter, a Box of Matter cycling through all possible combinations of different atom types and interactions and forces, each creating a new universe with new laws of physics, and yet even this large scale abstract view of the Box of Matter is just a puny view of something much larger, as the new Minds inside that block of Matter have many more deeper and more powerful abstractions and formats and rules of engagements and such.

But Absolutes then do exist: our view of all is the absolute, even though we would like to have a more relative and detached view, we format all in our logic and worldview no matter what, the absolute to be true would have to be independent of any material configuration, would have to be enternal, would express itself and remain alive no matter what happens to the underlying physical machine expressing the mind: as if our mind would have to remain alive forever no matter what happens to its physical support, even if it explodes, our mind would remain intact and be independent of matter, that would be a real Absolute.

So absolutes don't exist or do they ? As if you ask "Does God Exist ?" and you answer (the only true and correct answer) "I don't Know", that is the end of all debates, there is nothing else to say, it is forever an unknown: the same with modified Brains and Minds: that is the end of all debates and discussions it is forever an unknown...
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