Friday, February 1, 2013


But also if the other mind thinks you are A, judges you as A in one moment and then as B the next and then C the next and then A all over again, always changing judgement, or not even judging you at all, or not even being aware of you, or even forgetting how it judged you, or just judging you arbitrarily in any way (and you can never know, only guess, and often guess wrong, but does the other mind even exists ?), or judging you badly, as most people love to judge others badly as a subtle form of power against another, even if you don't know the judgement, nay, hiding what you really think is neat, actually making someone think you judge them well when you really think they suck or the opposite, or always changing judgements, or anything at all, or forgetting or remembering wrong, all all of the possible combinations and after all it is all a game of writing down and conceiving all of the possible combinations of words, concepts, sentences, ideas, logical segemnts imaginable, all of the combinations expressed and then it has all been said, but it can never all be said as just a new word changes all of the meanings of a block of text and so forth...

But then it is just the scale of things that makes everything irrelevant, intractable, non important, puny, etc. anything goes, anything can be real or false any cause and effect can be operating or any opposite cause and effect, it doesn't matter, it can't be verified and such. The Technological Economy with millions of workers (huge number of redundant workers, but at the same time unskilled or skilled and at the same time too many and too few and at the same time companies can't find the right "skill set" but have too many of all kinds of skill sets, anything goes, everything is true and false, everything is A and the opposite of A, it doesn't even matter, it doesn't even make sense and it doesn't even exist as it is all an imaginary world made up of concepts and words and imaginary causes and effects a society brainwashes itself to believe in and such), large economies of scales, redundancies, excess capacity (and huge scarcities and such) huge productivity next to huge waste and unproductivity, all conflicting and contradicting but in the end all hoovering around a zero result and such, technologies and so forth, networks, etc. everything is a lie, and everything is true, makes everything irrelevant, intractable, eveything the utmost important and at the same time completely invisible and so forth, irrelevant.

It doesn't matter, everything is OK, everything is perfect, it has all been achieved, you won and such...
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