Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time and a Word...


It implies that something is still connecting the present picture with the previous picture. That there is some particle, some monolithic dimensional slab connecting two pictures that form a relationship (but the relationship is just the sequence of numbers filling up some memory locations in our mind simulating repetitive patterns that become perceived as a unit, when they are just all random numbers, just numbers, memory locations meaning nothing and having no relationship with each other at all, since in reality, nothing has any relationship with nothing else, there are no relationships at all between anything, they are just associations, just sets made up of similar items that are conveniently manipulated by our quirky - fluke - arbitrary Man Brain and Mindform, etc.) But it is not so, each picture is independent and distinct and disjoint from the previous picture, there is no invisible thread linking them up as a story and as a necessity, hence time travel is possible in all directions, anything can be and anything can be assigned anyway at all.

Just because picture A came before picture B doesn't mean that the transition from A to B is a necessity or a law of physics or an invariant. They just happened to occur one after the other but that design is irrelevant and could have been any other design at all.

I am questioning the very structure of "Cause and Effect" as something that is a necessity. All and any Cause and Effect can be decomposed into a set of particles colliding, they can be reduced into the collision and interaction of a set with another. But the entire set of interactions is just a painting, a picture, is just a design with no further reality or truth or necessity than the fact that they randomly just happened, and even if it weren't random but designed, it just is, with nothing deeper or more important or any metaphysical property making that set of interactions any more important or deeper or real than anything else at all.

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