Thursday, April 12, 2012



"... is the place behind a 7-11, a little patch of asphalt, a high fence and some weeds. In a full moon it is glorious, and when the halogen overhead is on it is threatening. On a Sunday morning it is as quiet as a church. Birds visit. In the evening it is routinely invaded by quarrelling lovers, night shift managers, and teenagers. What is interesting about the world is that every corner is unique. By standardising each unique corner, the workers of the world erase it. Wherever a road is built, a house erected, or a building created, the world is rubbed out of existence. So we employ people to scrub the world, the keep nature from coming back in. We hope it covers our mistake, because as soon as nature makes a crack or drops a leaf on it, it becomes obvious how ugly it is.
Man is nature, but he scrubs himself, and by doing so makes himself look worse.

If there is a thing called 'resilience', the unwashed bum has it. Perhaps global warming will create the service economy he's been waiting for. He'll charge you a cigarette butt to join the circle at his tin stove. He won't recognise your offer of a turnip but he won't turn it down. As each day passes, you look worse and worse- but the bum looks the same. He laughs at you, at us all. "

The Ape Answers:

You worship Nature as a Religion: The beauty of the world is exactly in all the little random details, if Man Made, even better, the contrast with "Nature" is even more remarkable, as if Man is really some kind of Alien, something truly outside of the World, as if he is "Outside Looking In". But the old cars abandoned in the weeds, the decay of all buildings, all the little cracks, all the random chaos, all of that which is outside of our Drone Mind of A against B, conflict - fight based, Ego based is what makes the world pretty: it represents all of that which is outside of our logic and binary reasoning, all of that which is useless, in which you can't do anything with it, it has NO FUNCTION therefore pretty. I like all items, especially Man Made items decaying and contrasting with Nature.

Especially the imaginary contrast between the result of Intention, the Man Brain Planning and Deciding what should be done, what should be performed, what should be Designed, as in the design of Cars and Buildings (all of the Standard International Building Styles you can see all over the World, the Same, just look at Street View in Google, Bangkok Thailand, Sao Paolo Brazil, NYC, Los Angeles, Mexico City and on and on all Standard International Building Styles, Boxes, all kinds of Boxes and some Single Family homes, all kinds of homes, but it is as if "YOU ARE ALWAYS IN THE SAME PLACE, THE WHOLE WORLD IS EXACTLY THE SAME ALL GIVEN" (but the USA is the only with REALLY WIDE STREETS AND ROADS, and that is because the USA is way richer than all of the others and BETTER, they built environments for Cars, for Machines and Consumption and Big Box Stores, exactly what was the Right Thing to Do)).

The items and entities that are randomly arranged and designed according to some Will Power, some Man Brain imagining and planning things in a certain way (and performing Expectations of Functions and Results, and contrasting other alternative designs and arrangements, but of course as always a proxy for contrasting other detached and remote and intractable Will Powers that decided something previously and before or different and such, as if you know some Man Brain and Mind decided something some way, and it pisses you off because you wanted it another way, and would like to win the fight but it is too late).

Random pebbles that are the result of past Will Power decisions intersecting and mixing up with random Blind Pure Nature Forces changing and rearranging the original disposition and combination and configuration of the pebbles, car tires, buildings, the floor, the weed on a side, the color of the old house, the road, the cracks, you name it, the carpet, the old TV set in the basement, the old cracks on the old computer of the 1980s in the Attic, etc.

But Will Power Forces and the Natural Laws of Physics forces are one and the same, all random, quirky, without any task or goal or result, it doesn't matter Who or What did it, who cares, what matters is that it is useless, vain, just a pretty picture, just something to remind us of how useless and vain and insignificant we all are, especially our fights and Functions and Tasks and Intentionalities and Will Powers, etc.

The engine of a new machine is the mountain and forest and your backyard all having a precise function and all being a precise gadget in a complex intractable and impossible to understand machine with trillions of pieces all interacting, the grass blade, the pebble, the mountain top, the rocks under a mountain, the 16 rocks under a certain point in space on the mountain and in the ocean and such...


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