Wednesday, April 25, 2012



The worldwide economy needs only one thing: to give out scott free salaries (800 dollars a month) and cheap rents (200 dollars a month for a 3 bedroom house) to all 8 billion people worldwide, bar none. The surviving of people must no longer depend on any conditons and conditionals like you must work to survive; this is a flawed ideology and no longer works in a worldwide Technological Economy that doesn't and will no longer create jobs, no matter what anyone thinks, since the technological economy structurally is eliminating as many jobs as possible and will end up eliminating all of them no matter what your mental model thinks is operating.

There are only so many possible real jobs people can perform no matter what anyone thinks, there are only maybe at most 1,000 sectors worldwide and maybe at most 10,000 workers for each sector, so at most 10 million people can work in real meaningful and productive jobs producing real stuff and not hot air and fairy tale services and high real estate prices and high health care costs and such all other BS.

Actually I have a hard time imaging more than 3 or 4 sectors no matter what, cars, houses, TVs, computers and some other manufacturing stuff, health care, schools (but education is another fairy tale, abstract, impossible to judge BS services trash, etc.), cops and a few others so where on earth are all the jobs worldwide going to come from ? they won't, they will never come back, the worldwide population is destined to be idle and have nothing to do no matter what.

So the deal is to give out free salaries and homes to all to survive and to still keep some of the consumer economy rolling since there is no alternative. And especially, when they all talk about Investments and such crap! There is nothing left to invest in anymore, very few endeavors can bring any return in an old, saturated, optimized and Technological Economy hell bent on eliminating labor in all of its forms. And especially the idea that investments will "create jobs": are they all sick in the head or what ? exactly what investments by hiring people can give anyone any return anymore ? totally sick and crazy people that still talk about all of this BS, there is nothing left, no investment and job creation is possible anymore, it is the end of the story, the end of the line.

So the deal is to give out free stuff Unconditionally, without any condition, so as to not create power structures, inequality and the desire to repress others to obtain some imaginary gain when all of this is no longer even necessary or worthwhile.

As a side note, the reasons why the economy went to hell is also simply all of Our Fault: we allowed health care costs to skyrocket and no one said or did anything, everyone should have refused to pay anything over a 100 dollars for anything health related, we allowed property prices to go sky high thinking that that would make everyone rich, what BS, no one should have bought houses at those prices, we allowed to create debts in all sectors, public and private with the illusion of being able to pay them back by a future "growing econmy" (by magic in other words) when no debts should have been ever made and such. So now, suck it all up, everyone in the EU and USA and JAPAN made the same idiotic mistakes, now it is payback time.

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