Friday, April 27, 2012

Consensus Free Reality

Because you know that everything also appears in other minds, that everything is and has always been filtered through other minds, "you are not alone", someone saw it before you, someone thought about it before you (or like you, or will think about it and see it and live it like you and such), someone experienced it before and such and this creates a kind of imaginary other mind (and imaginary other minds is the basis of imaginary everything and anything, all indirections and abstractions and symbols, all logic and thought, as anything is always also valid "somewhere else" in time or space or for another chunk of matter perceiving it, and hence any abstraction occupies all of reality and such) always present and always saturating all of reality, and your own mind is just an instance of one of those "other minds" and such.

But this can all be changed and overcome by changing a few transistors (maybe just one bit, as Man is a One Bit Circuit, a One Transistor Circuit) in new modified minds, hence creating a reality that no longer depends on imagined other minds, imagined other people and a consensus based reality, but something new, consensus free reality based on the mind making up all it wants and creating its own universe and such.

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