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"You said, in order to be any kind of success, you'd have to have a salable talent. I'm saying you have such a talent. You could be a bloggist for right wing, or anarchist--I don't mean those are synonymous--publications."

The Apester answers:

Pray, tell me, how much money do you think they will "pay him" for all the crap he, me and anyone else writes on the Internet ? Do you not notice that the value of Information and "Information Workers" is tending towards ZERO since there is so much Information and crap available ?

I should have been a millionaire by now for all of the huge BS I write, but I am payed ZERO, nada, do you understand ?

Do you not notice that we have huge excess capacity of information of all kinds, and when you have so much of something the value of that something becomes ZERO ? And do you not notice that the Excess Capacity is given by huge economy of scales of the Technological Economy producing Free Wealth and eliminating any kinds of jobs (and producing millions of people with huge amounts of idle time available and such that should be building spaceships instead of watching TV and the Internet, etc.), nay, eliminating the relationship between people that jobs created as a means of transfer of wealth: now the rich can keep all the wealth they keep on making since there are no longer any circuits left to transfer wealth aside from giving it out to all for free by law, by an iron fist communist government giving all of what people need by law and force, bar none.

Oh, I see, you have to write "something people like", etc. So you have to become the slave of the judgment of other people and what their crap ball of their heads tells them what is good and bad and what they like. But I hate people, people suck because they have judgments that are different from mine, I hate their subjectivity, the fact that they have free will and they can decide: I want to be the boss, I want it all, I want to rob all of the money from the rich and I hate everyone who has anything more than me, kill the rich, hate the rich, hate and kill and jump on everybody. AMEN.

Now, liz, send me a million dollars thank you,...

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