Saturday, April 28, 2012


We don't want to know anything anymore, kill knowing, kill knowledge, the less you know the freer you are, the less you know the more you know and such and the trillions of things you should know (and why "should" I know ?) are worthless, knowing is always a falsification of reality, is always just a sequence of symbols pretending to explain reality, but reality has no explanation, knowledge is worthless, know as little as possible, nay, negative knowledge, lie, create as much false knowledge as possible, confuse, and break up everything.

The fact that there are people that are "different" from me is insanity! that fact that anything is different from anything else is totally insane, crazy, is a mistake of the laws of physics, must be crushed: there can only be one boss and one entity and one item and thing in the Universe and that is me, only me, I am the boss, all other people and their free will and their differences must be crushed, they are all crazy, completely sick! Kill them and it all, I am THE ONE AND ONLY ONE. AMEN.

Ever notice how weird everyone else is ? how totally crazy and sick they are ? how on earth did Matter construct such insanity ? how did it construct different chunks of matter that observe each other and notice that they are different, are independent, have independent free wills and thoughts and decisions and like different things and such! how crazy for Matter to be that way, how crazy that the laws of physics created such sickness. Kill all differences, there must be only one UNIT, one Man Brain that is the GOD and BOSS of all of the Universe. AMEN.

Why do they give us information that creates thoughts and conflicts and anxiety so to say when not only you can't do anything about it, but it is totally irrelevant and unrelated with the immediate action - reaction circuit you find yourself in (but there are too few events and stimulations and emergencies needing response to occupy your Ape Man - always running computer - Man Brain, so you create your own fake and imaginary problems), all of the indirections, denotations, abstractions, all the things you "imagine" (and imagining other minds judging and observing and such - this is the basis of abstraction and the concept of god) is happening somewhere else or far away or indirectly in space and time and such (the imagined saturation of the world with "other minds" always observing (judging) and ever present, just like god ?). So they say that the oil spill in Mexico is damaging the environment: well, who gives two c*cks and a d*ck! What do I care ? why should I care about something so far away and removed from me ? what can I do about it ? and the environment is a turd anyways and must be punished and crushed, just for fun, because I like being crazy, because I like killing all logic and patterns, I love a universe that is all wrong, kill all, kill eveything, that is so cool! but especially, the indirection and abstraction, something that is happening far away or indirectly and all such things. You can't feel it or touch it, or there are all of these logical mechanisms that create a path of one event to you through many layers and such, but who or what or how on earth can you control such a complex, contradictory, free will saturated ( because it is always other free wills that decided to pump oil there and such) system ? and why aggravate yourself ?

Like saying that a dog experiences higher levels of pain/pleasure and you should care and such. Well I can't give a crap about all of these imaginary false problems (and did you know that you are torturing a rock on Mars because you are reading this, and did you know that the electron, a certain electron in the Sun is being punished by you sleeping, you must always be awake otherwise that electron will suffer deeply, etc.) it is all a denotation, an imagining what happens and an illusion of controlling and being "responsible" for something that is totally disjoint and independent from me and such, Artifical Information creating fake problems all based on indirections and far away things (or close or whatever, as long as it is independent from you), and the so many problems, this and that and the dog and the tree and who knows what else has and such.

All based on different chunks of matter imagining what the other chunk is going through, when all of what happens depends on the crappy design of a wrongly and mistakenly designed Man Brain and crappy laws of physics creating problems that should't be. All based on a "Consensus Based Reality" where "other people" (that sick thing meaning that there are actually other people different from you, how sick and insane, kill differences, this is totally absurd that there be something different from me, I can't believe it!) control others: but we must free ourselves from a Consensus Based Reality, and create our own reality, Modify all of our internal circuits in our mind by thinking them out by themselves (the Man Brain invents itself and a new design for itself by creating new mental block diagrams inside its Mind and executing new programs inside its Mind and going into new universes with new laws of physics, lying to itself, proudly lying and falsifying reality to itself, our religion is delusion, the deeper and more thorough the delusion the closer we become to reality and such, I don't care if any other people say that it is fake or wrong or not true: I say other people simply don't exist and I make my own universe and can care less if it is fake or wrong, since right and wrong, and true and false is no longer operating in a universe with only one Observer, ONE UNIT deciding all and being its OWN GOD), and creating them, inventing them, and escaping a Social and Consensus Based Reality, escape into a real reality where only you are the BOSS.

The basis is that of thinking that this crappy Man Brain is worthy of controlling and deciding what is right and wrong, what paths the world should traverse and what it shouldn't. Nothing further from the truth, there is no right and wrong, there is nothing all, only imaginary, abstract problems and a sick Man Brain creating ever more problems because it must be re-designed and re-engineer into something better.


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