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lizbethrose wrote:James, I'm supremely sorry you had such a horrendous time in Seattle. (I don't particularly like the city, but that's beside the point.) I'm surprised you weren't able to find water. First, because summer of 2011 was so rainy and cold all over the state small farmers lost crops and we weren't able to grow anything in our backyard garden. If you''re ever in that situation again, go into a public building, find a water fountain, and fill up your canteen. You can use the potty while you're there, as well. Some of them even have showers, since Seattle is a bicycle city.

Seattle tried to establish public toilets, but they became centers for both drug trade and prostitution and were shut down. They'd been placed in the main area frequented by pan-handlers and the avowed homeless. The idea was well meant, but the people it tried to help shot it down.

Both Pav and I have offered you a place to live and a job. That you have refused both says an awful lot about you, doesn't it?

Just give him cash, sl+t, just give him money without asking questions ok ? who cares if "you work hard for your money", I hate you and your "hard work", I want your cash for free, I like freeloaders, I like robbing cash from people who "work hard" for their cash, I like the fight, the contrast, give me all your cash slob, you turd, etc. No morality here, no "justice" here, it is just me and my desires and my will power against yours, and I want to win like a cry baby, who cares if I am wrong and "if everyone were like you the entire society would fall apart", that is what I want, I want to win, that's all, you work and be my slave, I want all your cash. After all, this is exactly what Capitalism, the Free Market and all the right wing "hard work" mentality is all about even though they put it upside down and always blame the workers and those that are doing the real "hard work" as being freeloaders and lazy and wanting the union and such (but who cares, I hate right and wrong dicotomies and morality and people and all things social and political).

And then those right Wing Thugs that always chant about their hard work think they are saying something new and interesting and important: this BS of their Hard Work is just them saying "Oh look how egotistical I am, how I want to keep it all for myself and want to feel smug and morally correct and justified" and all such crap, they think they are expressing something intelligent and important when they are just expressing their basic turdy instinct, the Man Brain at its worst being a thug and fighting, they are expressing the stupidest and the oldest fashion concept, I want mine, I am better than you, I don't want to give you all my stuff for free because I "worked hard" for it, what turds, just punch them in the face and take it away from them, the turds, they want theirs, kill their morality, their idea of correct, their idea of "Objective Laws", the slaves, be a thug and criminal, no refrain anymore, just let it All Hang Out.

Please all freeloaders, rob the cash from all those hard working thugs, beat them up, kill morality, don't be afraid, just be honest with yourself.

Be Wrong and always be on the Wrong Side, make fun of them and their logic and all, try to win losers...

The basis is always A against B, A says the opposite of B, A fights B, A as opposed to B, but both A and B are defined accordingly, are only reciprocally defined and exist only as the opposite of the other, there is no stable middle ground, no objective reference system, the two are each other's reference system and as such are equivalent and both wrong or right (no absolute here, no solution here, no Truth here as truth can't exist when the two items are reciprocally defined and as they can be combined in one item made up of two items, the one item is just a quirk, an arbitrary design, an arbitrary turd, a useless random chaotic piece of crap and piece of nothing and having no meaning and no value, etc.), only the stronger force wins by sheer force and power.

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