Sunday, April 15, 2012

Symbol to Matter Converter


Symbol to Matter Converter

Howdy folks! Apetard is back again! Apec*ck is back again, the ph*cktard in person (what tzatza used to call me, oh, how right he was!). So here's the deal: how many symbols are needed to condense them into a chunk of Matter, into say a neutrino or photon ? How much information is needed to finally create Matter ? That is the question. A lot, but it doesn't matter because the Matter is the Symbol and they can be converted into each other through abstract - metaphysical circuits. Imagine all of your life and body and sense and pain/pleasure circuits no longer depending on any physical support, they are eternal, indestructable, only pure Information Relationships that have disconnected the attachment to material styles and designs expressing the illusionary form and format of connection of matter designs to Experience and Sensation and and such. So in other words, if they crack open your head, nothing happens, you remain alive since you no longer depend on matter, same with if they burn you or explode you in a million pieces and such.

Hence the disconnection of Matter from Existence and Experience has been achieved, so then at that point anything can be then connected to your Man Brain and body and life, any new Material configuration or any configuration at all can be associated with your Information Relationship Set, but this time there are dependencies, you can connect the metaphysical circuits so as to create a new dependency that will create new effects and experiences and such: so your Brain is a Car Tire, and your Memory of your life is the sofa, so then by moving these reciprocally you undergo a new styled experience, all kinds of new sensations and effects and experiences can be achieved: now extend and extrapolate and create all kinds of wicked associations, ever more abstract and connect the circuits to so many intermediate circuits and sensations and effects (invent all you wish), and the abstractions increase and denotations increase and the effects increase and the pain/pleasure and all other extrapolated and completely newly invented sensations and things are amplified trillions of times and such.

So all matter is simply symbols talking to each other, it is all abstraction with some circuits associated and connected to reality chunks and reality points, making them create sensations and effects that we can feel. But we can feel them even if they have no material design as a base.

From this we can see that everything could possibly be alive, everything a special Man Brain as in Brainium but then maybe just a subset ? the mountain is your eye and the ocean your feet and/or the car tire your memory and such ? and maybe all of these new connections can be other new animals and other beings, ever abstract and different from us ? maybe so many alien beings that have disconnected themselves from matter only to connect to various chunks and designs of matter to experience all kinds of new events, experiences, meanings, sensations, achievments and such ? and then by connecting their mind and thought to pebbles on the street they become a new life, a new creation ? and then they connect to the McMansion and become yet another new creation and such and even the electrons of atoms ar simply symbols that talk to other symbols like the protons in the nucleus, everything is symbol to symbol interaction connected to hard matter every now and then ? and then many other abstract circuits symbol to symbol, matter to matter and so on forever more abstract and incredible.


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