Saturday, April 14, 2012



Lingering on, the past events or experiences or meanings, the past lifestyles or life stories linger on in the mind and set the tone, the past events, many distinct add up or separate, and you remember them and feel good or bad because you remember the value they had in other people's mind, their judgment (or imaginary judgment that you can never know, or maybe will never know, or no one will ever know because all events are eventually forgotten, disappear, they never were, if only for a short time in reciprocal "common world based" minds interacting through messages and such). But disconnect the events from the feelings, mix them up, get confused, make it all up, make believe, who cares and who knows and such.

So the Brain, the Man Brain imagines another possible design for itself, a chunk of Matter is trying to imagine "Itself" differently, styled differently, made up of different sub blocks, a different wiring diagram for the brain, a different schematic of the Mind circuits, etc. A Mind imagining itself with different circuits and trying to imagine what could happen in those different circuits: but the very act of imagining them creates them, the Instant Singularity (that act of sticking wild stuff in brains (whose brain then ? yours ? mine ? the other's ? no brain ? all brains ?) by cracking open the skull and just Doing It in order to create a new Man Brain, hence Experience, hence Universe with New Laws of Physics and such) is the thought itself of the singularity, it self creates itself, it explores what it could be, it is a self observing, self referential system self creating itself, at ever higher abstract levels and connecting the feelings, emotions and sentiment circuits and all other kinds of wacky circuits in any way at all, etc.

But just imagine that there is no possible other kind of brain, all possible new connections have been tried out physically and the end result is that they do nothing, they are just dead, they die and such. Imagine that all of this talk of modifying the brains is vain, as it cannot be modified in any possible way, it is what we have or it isn't at all, end of story (aside from the fact that you will never (?) know (or just make up what happens or whatever) since you would have to try out all of the combinations of new brains and live with that brain and see what happens and such).

Ok, then, but then the very fact that I can imagine new designs of brains, the very fact that I can invent and make up new designs and create new circuits in my brain and mind means that it can be done and is done and can be assigned, only that it can be done only abstractly, theoretically, it can be forced only from higher levels of the brain functions, the mental - symbolic - abstract circuits of the brain creates new brains, that simply means that physical manipulation is off limits also because not needed, that is simply not the path to achieve the Instant Singularity, you simply need to assign it in your mind, and as you assign it becomes real as the content of your mind assumes - creates - invents and programs the new circuits if even only imagined, but imagined circuits are really manipulating the real circuits, have some effect on the real circuits, so this demonstrates that the Instant Singularity is real and can be created in trillions of different ways, all of the possible ways to imagine new Minds that become new real Minds and such. A new big bang, just make it all up, imagine it, lie to yourself, lying is the best invention possible, fake it out, fake is real.

And even if all of the above is false, who cares, assign it as true anyways, don't give a damn about real and fake, true and false, right and wrong or good and bad, win anyways, like a cry baby you win! you win! I win! force it, just force it and cheat on yourself and reality, kill the Principles of Identity and Non Contradiction, Be God, BE YOUR OWN BOSS. AMEN.


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