Sunday, April 15, 2012

Winner Take All

Winner Take All

I was reading on some websites and magazines (The Economist and such) how the USA, EU and JAPAN and others must "Move up the Economy Chain" and design and innovate and "Services" (what a total joke! Services suck so hugely, I HATE Services, kill Services!) and such in order for them to "grow", etc. I am amazed how so called smart economists can still believe in such insane BS: first off how many new possible Designs can there be ? how many new possible innovations can there be ? and especially, new Services ? to do exactly what ? to create as many roadblocks as possible to achieve anything ! this is what Services really are all about. Obviously, not many truly useful and valid Innovations are possible (in fact there are many useless and negative - diminishing return kinds of innovations, innovations that make you waste a lot of time on a bunch of BS, like Facebook and Twitter and such, but then again, this Economy is all about Wasting Time, Wasting the Way Too Much Idle and Free Time that a Technological Economy brings upon millions of people since they all end up having all very little real work and labor to do structurally), and in fact this goes back to my theory that this economy is becoming a Minority Economy, only the Winners play and win, only a few can win, everyone else is a loser.

So for example Apple "invents a new cell phone" which is just a computer put in a new package, and Apple wins a huge chunk of market, the same with Google or Facebook and others and such. And, as a corollary what they actually do is Program People, they actually Program How People Will Behave and What People Will Do (and buy, etc.) : As if the computers really end up programming people after people programmed the computers, or as if, by programming computers, the corporations are so subtle and smart that they can actually indirectly program people to act and Buy and Do what they want.

The programs are programmed in such a way as to go backwards and program people: whether you can say that the computers end up programming people or that the corporations program people by programming the computers and software that people will use so that they will program people to do certain things, it doesn't matter, what counts is that we program computers that then program us (it ends up going the other way around, we thought we were telling what the machines were to do but they end up telling us what to do and we actually end up programming our own prison).

But more importantly, those who win, win BIG TIME; there is this automatic Monopoly tendency in all of these high tech endeavors, the winner takes all, the winner wins big time, once again, the forces in action concentrate everything in a few winning hands and cut out everyone else, Winner Take All. And this is supposed to make an "Economy Grow" ? No, only the rich and the winners grow, everyone else is Programmed and Brainwashed to buy their products, like robots and drones, they just pay and buy and obey the Powers that Be, go out and Buy the new Apple Gadget, go on, make them richer, wait all night long outside of the store, what c*cks !

Obviously this ideology of Innovation is a huge deception, but so many people buy into it, and really believe it and such (and even if there are all of these new inventions waiting to be made, then maybe worldwide they can keep at most 1 million people employed (10,000 new startups having 100 engineers or "innovators" or whatever). But alas, it is all useless, the Powers that Be, the rich and corporations will always win no matter what, they call the cards, they make up the games and rules people must play no matter what, they decide for all, they tell everyone what they must believe in and how they all must be innovators and study all these new fangled things (and act in certain ways, always answering smart phones and meetings and crap), always More Education crap, just to hose them all in the end. And anyways, if they didn't program you in a certain way, someone else will and anyways, any culture is always a useless worthless turd (no one ever demands free salaries and cheap rents, what should really be given out freely to all) and you can criticize and talk from now until forever, it will never and can never change, everyone plays along, there is nothing you can do about it but simply give up.

Like hoping the housing crisis brings down prices and such, no way jose, the winners will always win no matter what, the inequality is hard wired, is a constant, only a full out war and pure violence can overthrow any inequality, but then it will simply get substituted with another inequality and a new set of winners and losers and such. If homes are not bought, they will just wait and keep the prices high, if they are not built the prices will keep on going higher as fewer homes for ever more people, if they are built, the construction companies make profits anyways but you pay so much and so on. YOU NEVER CAN WIN, END OF STORY.

On the Instant People Constructor, on the Creation of People on the Spot, the new person and life (lifetime and life story) constructor machine that creates an entire life (of any age and environment and any life story) in an Instant by simply assigning a number to a memory location, well by a more perfected Brain in a Vat, or Brain in a Simulator, you just need one Brain working at very high speeds and frequencies to live trillions of lives in parallel, by multitasking the programs representing the lives in only one Brain. And you can imagine mixing lives, and creating all kinds of Short Circuits and experiences, and the Brain manipulating the Brain in the Simulator could be manipulated itself by another brain, or many brains, for many levels, trillions of levels. And if One Brain in a Vat is a trillion lives living simultaneously, the you can have trillions of Brains in Vats the Size of a Planet living even more lives, by high speed circuits in high speed Electronc Solid State Brain Devices, new brain designs, new wild universes, go on man, keep on inventing it all, go on.


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