Thursday, April 26, 2012



We are excess capacity achieved by the outset: compared to how many action reaction circuits we must respond to (very few), how many emergencies in pain/pleasure events we must apply ourselves to (too few) (in fact we are only a reaction to an action in a circular process, nothing more, just like a carbon molecule is a reaction and reaction to its environment, we are just a bunch of carbon molecules within an action reaction circuit, etc.) we are over sized, we are too much, hence we occupy our minds with millions of indirections and distractions and symbols, always occupied with something else, something far away, something that is not our immediate surrounding, since the immediate surrounding rarely imposes and emergency and full attention and such.

The origin of Religion is exactly this: too much free time available for the Man Brain to think and make things up, hence he creates religions, and all else, all similar items.

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