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There has never been a time in history when people have had the least possible real work to do, millions of people totally idle and living da vida, and in fact what is left is status games, power struggles, and the value of past work in the form of real estate, and in fact this present economic crisis was born from the real estate prices going up in the USA and hosing everyone: but there is a reason, since nothing else of any value is being produced anymore (can be produced anymore as the Technological Economy has eliminated any real work for most of the USA, EU and JAPAN and is marching on to eliminate it in China, Brazil, etc. through Automation, Economy of Scales, Technology applied to producing goods with as little labor as possible and such, etc.), since no labor can give any return anymore, no matter how hard they all try to fake it in their fake comic book world of "Hard Work" in the Skyscrapers (always "working" 24 hours a day, always checking emails, always meetings, always talking, never really producing anything of any value except hot air and make believe activities, the less real work they all have to do the harder they have to fake it and invent all kinds of "problems" and "emergencies" and arbitrary schedules and arbitrary fake "make work" just to show that they are actually doing something, like tons of useless documents, tons of useless computer programs, tons of lawyers and fights, and conflicts and the myth of flexibility, always changing everything to produce activity and not get bored to death, and the myth of competition and all such crap, WHEN OUR PRESENT DAY ECONOMIC SYSTEM HAS ALMOST ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH ANY KIND OF WORK AT ALL, GO FIGURE), the only thing that is really left is fights and Conflicts and beating up each other like bored little children who really have nothing to do but want "To Blame it Someone To get back " and such.

And in fact, the less real work there is left to do the more the fights and conflicts will increase, the more the debates will increase, the political fights and debates and all, simply because since they can't figure out why on earth there is no longer any real work left to do, since they can't accept and abide to the Structural Change a Technological Economy imposes on this Civilization, they have to find some other simpler excuse (but with a clear agenda, hose the weaker), like labor is lazy, like they aren't innovative enough, like this and that. And in fact in Spain and Italy and Greece, they think that by changing the "Labor Laws" jobs will come back, how idiotic, they still can't wrap their heads around the fact that jobs will never come back again, because there is nothing left to do (that generates profits), there is nothing worth doing.

And in fact, I have seen buildings that were once offices changed into houses: that says it all, since there is no longer any real work possible, the offices are useless, just turn them into houses, but the houses must be bought by people "with jobs", but who cares, better houses then offices that will never be filled since there is nothing really valuable left to do. They can wait years for the houses to be bought, who cares, but they already know that the offices will never again get filled up and anyways sooner or later some turd will buy the expensive houses because the system is choke full of trillions of dollars, sooner or later that money will trickle down and make someone buy the house and such. And in fact the system has 100 trillion dollars sitting in banks worldwide as a proxy and demonstration of how much free wealth the Technological Economy can produce with so little labor, and the money keeps on increasing, Apple alone is worth more than many countries and such.

And as a corollary: the Technological Economy structurally creates ever more inequality, some winners and many losers, ever more.

And anyways Real Estate is the only game left in town, the prices are always high, even if a company sells 2 or3 houses for 200,000 dollars they got back the money they spent to build 10 houses and made some profits too, they can leave the other 7 houses empty and wait (even for years) until some sucker will buy it (always from past accumulated money, from past work, since there is no possibility to accumulate money anymore in the future work which won't be there anymore, at least for the lower classes) and such.

And then it is obvious how this economy is turing into a minority economy, a few rich who buy all, everyone else poor and a turd and considered lazy and crappy, etc. No longer a Mass Market, but a smaller market only for those inside the special circle of Fake hard Workers and such.

The solution ? Free Salaries to all worldwide, 800 dollars a month, and cheap rents to all worldwide, 200 dollars a month for a 3 bedroom house and such. And large Scale projects, trillions of skyscrapers, trillions of spaceships to Mars and Venus, trillions of high speed trains all across the USA and a huge Bus system of trillions of Buses all across the USA, and Split the Sun to grab all of its energy, and completely change the design of the Man Brain, become another civilization, a new civilization with a new brain and more advanced.

As a side note: you can create trillions of new people and lives by simply programming a standrad "Programmable Man Brain in a Vat" with memories of a fake and imagined life (but fake and real lives are all the same, it is just information which are just random symbols written on matter and such), and machines can create an Instant New Person, a New Creation on the Spot, in a Jiffy by inserting random and nay, even experimental memories and lives and life stories in the brains and such. Maybe you too are an Instant Person that has been created only the last 2 seconds, in a jiffy as you are a BRAIN IN A VAT WITHIN A SIMULATOR AND ALL OTHER BRAINS ARE THE SAME, JUST A MEMORY SEGMENT IN THE ALIEN'S COMPUTER, TRILLIONS OF NEW PEOPLE AND MINDS, NEW LIVES, NEW HISTORIES NEW EVENTS...


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