Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What can Happen in the Box of Matter ?

What can Happen in the Box of Matter ?

So the Box of Grey Matter, the Box of Mindform / Brainform Material, the Box of Atoms and Electrons and Such that is maybe 1 centimeter cubed or 1 million kilometers cubed has Matter executing paths, predetermined paths through the Iron Clad Fist of the Laws of Physics, but then Virtual Unlimited Paths through the Simulation of Reality Styles and Designs on behalf of part of the Brains and Brainforms and Mindforms emerging from the Box of Matter (or completely new paths that combinations of Atoms and Forces and Electrons and Photons produce and Execute, totally unknown to us and our Puny Logic and such or completely new paths according to the completely new laws of physics the trillions of new brain designs perceive and live within and such), evaporating and condensing through phase transitions within the Box of Grey Matter and such and such: and they produce Synchronized Matter, Self Coherent Synchronized Matter that can execute only some paths according to specific constraints of various types, either Physical (the Laws of Physics), Pain/pleasure type circuits or anything else, as in creativity expressed within limiting boundaries otherwise it wouldn't know how to express itself if unlimited in any way and such.

And so many Cross Synchronized Matter Chunks and Experiences, Mixed Universes and Lifestyles, completely new Solid State Universes with completely new and incredible - fantastic and colorful laws of physics and experience styles and types and lives, and hyperlives, hyperreality, Metaphysics achieved to the upmost, a Box of matter expressing combinations we never could possibly imagine and such...


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