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Box of Grey Matter ?


Box of Grey Matter ?

So you have maybe 50 different types of Atoms, of chemical elements arranged in a Box of Matter maybe just one centimeter cube or maybe a million kilometers cube, etc. So how many different possible combinations can these atoms be in ? how many possible brain styles can be created, invented or designed, nay, can emerge from this box cycling through all of the combinations like a counter, like a binary counter counting up to 10 and going back to 0 again and cycling over and over again ? How can a Box of matter become a living Brainform, an observer of itself or subsets of itself and interact with subsets of itself creating an Experience, or some kind of Conscious Experience, or creating a lifeform evolving through specific pain/pleasure circuits and target circuits and such ? of course, all of these words are just very simple concepts which we understand, but the circuits affecting the Box of Grey Matter may be deeper, more elaborate, more complex and abstract than simply pain/pleasure, may be more contorted and colorful than simply logic guided by the Prison Guards of the Principles of Non Contradiction and Identity.

How does Matter undergo a phase change into becoming an Observer ? How many Matter to Brain converters are possible ? How many intermediate states can the Box of Matter be in that corresponds to a brain or many brains or diffused brains or many civilizations or many many other things, the crazier the better, the more far removed from anything we can imagine the better, diffused will power gadgets, diffused Observers, observers changing states and designs, unstable brain designs that cycle through many different styles, matter following many weird and unknown paths, brains becoming one and then becoming trillions of others and then becoming all different, and then Matter itself becoming something else and so many other abstractions, if you can imagine it, it is real and then the disconnection of the Information Relationships from matter expressing them, Information finally free from the prison of Matter, the Platonic existence of Existence and Laws finally achieved, Information that exists even when matter is detroyed as it has flown into a pure abstract non destructable world, and the Box of Matter can express so many different combinations and each ever more remote, a denotation, an abstraction and such.

The Box of Gray Matter becomes a fluid (or Gas ? or Plasma ? or Dense Neutronium ?), a liquid with trillions of new Brain designs, the BRAINIUM State of Matter, or becomes a Solid State of crystallized Brainforms, or civilizations, or each point in the Solid State Form of BRAINIUM is a civilization, or a planet, or an emotion gadget, or an emotion detached from a being, or a pure pleasure entity not belonging to any "body", or just belonging to an Electron and such, etc. Or the center of Stars are plasmas but are hiding trillions of new Brain Designs and Styles, modified Minds, Instant Singularity Minds with wildly different circuits and associations and functionings living in wildly different Universes with New Laws of Physics (since a new Observer Design implies a new Universe and Physics Design), much more extended, very large landscapes and views, High Mountain types, incredible scenary, incredible new worlds and life, etc.

Stick the Cadillac in your Brain, enter a new Universe with new Laws of Physics, you can do it Man, just do it, first gear, it's all right, second gear, hold on tight, third gear, you're out of sight...

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