Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time Travel Revisited

 Time Travel Revisited

The idea that you can't go back in the past and kill your grandparents, since you would disappear is flawed. You can go back in the past and do anything and it wouldn't have any effect on you since there is no place and no entity that is containing the past and that is controlling the "coherence" of the "story". There is nothing containing the sequence of images, of pictures of Mass Energy configurations that lead up to the present, so you can go back to any past picture, to any past instantaneous picture and do anything with it.

You can say that the present picture is the result of all of the past pictures, that the present picture is the final number representing (and condensing) all of the past events and the present picture could only be exactly what it is only if all of the past intermediate pictures were exactly what they were. But it is a convenient way to look at it for our mind and decoding of reality, for our rules, thinking that the laws of physics constrained the pictures to follow only one path according to the trillions of quirk details that made up each preceeding picture. But the pictures are only a sequence of numbers, they are not related in any metaphysical way with each other, they are all disjoint and totally unrelated, they are only related in our mind and in our view.

Hence any past time travel is possible and will be achieved, just like any travel at all to any place or any configuration of Mass Energy at all, whether it be the past, the future, another wolrd or planet or anything at all, as long as the observer "remembers" the past as such, and experiences the interaction within the Box of Matter configured in a certain way as defined by our (arbitrary - mental and cultural) categories (past, future, other planet, whatever).

So time is not a story or something outside of itself, is not fixed and does not impose constraints on the coherence of the sequence of pictures, in essense it doesn't exist, it is not some metaphysical item containing a story, it is invisible, only a process and only present in our mind as a variable.

It is always the same problem of what is a set of what, what is associated with what, what is a unit, what is a delimitation: the same problem with spatial items, how are their particles connected to each other ? and are they connected to each other ? are they in the same set, or is the set simply a delimited symbol in our formatting the world according to Intentionalities of Use and such.

So each picture (but a picture is a unit ? or is it also made up of a random group of disconnected particles assigned as one particle for our convenience ?) is disconnected from all the other pictures making up its past and future, so then the past and future of any picture can be any other picture, the path of transitions the pictures undergo while travelling from past to future can be any at all, any at all completely disregarding the constraints of the Laws of Physics that force the paths to go only in certain ways and directions. The real law of physics is simply the Transition, the change from one picture to the next, so any picture can be associated to any other, anything can be the past or future of anything else, going through any number of intermediate pictures at all, the more wild and random and unrelated the better: there is no metaphysical property that make the paths forced by the Laws of Physics any more real or important or true than any other, the only law is the law of change and the transition from one picture to the next, and the discovery of repetitive patterns (but always temporary, and imaginary and formatted by our Man Brain according to our rule and laws and arbitrary pain/pleasure circuits and such) on behalf of an Observer in the sea of pictures and the sea of paths, etc.

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