Friday, April 27, 2012

Consensus Based Reality

Consensus Based Reality

The dependency of Reality upon multiple chunks of Matter that are self aware and aware of each other in order to create a "common ground", a "common world" in order to create repetitive patterns that are observed by other Observers, similar but slightly different, but mostly many instances of just one Generalized Man Brain is one small invariant of the way our present state Man Brain is designed. The fact that another Observer "Confirms" reality by abiding and by agreeing with the original Observer, and all of these observers agree with each other (or another and by doing so creates all the fundamental Indirections of Reality, all of the fundamental Abstractions that is the Nature of Reality, as it is always imagined as how it appears in the Other Person's (Observer's) Mind, what the other thinks and feels, as if all other Observers are extensions of the Original Observer but the confirmation of reality by the other observers renders it Real and True, creates reality only through confirmation and sharing of the same experiences and sense organ sensations and thoughts and logics as multiple instances of mostly one Mindform repeated and self confirming itself through indirections and symbols and abstractions (since the Mindform knows that there are other similar Mindforms as itself necessary to confirm the "common ground" and reality as such, to produce a consensus of a single form of reality that all these similar Mindforms agree upon)) limits and constrains reality into a very narrow window of possibilities.

How many self similar Observers are necessary to produce a Reality, a World, a Universe ? 10, a million, a billion ? and the set of all similar Mindforms (all the 8 billion people on earth living today ) all put in a bag and seen as one is only one and as such can be viewed as a quirk set of noise and nothing else (in other words that Mindform would have to occupy all Space and All Time and be Experiencing all the Same Things to totally saturate all of Mass Energy and Matter to "BE SURE" that it is not a quirk and an invention, since only a small number of self similar Observers are really not enough (or never enough ? or is nothing ever really enough to "BE SURE"?)).

But newly designed and modified Man Brains and Mindforms can live independently of any consensus of self similar entities, can be single brains in only one universe, and can be sufficient for itself and to confirm reality for itself: in other words, it doesn't need "other people" or a "Society" or a world designed as ours with many similar people all communicating and talking to each other and creating things together and being similar to each other and such, it can be one brain that creates its own reality and universe and simply "talks to itself", it is a new Man Brain that is essentially ITS OWN BOSS.

And since all of our civilization, nay, the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE can be seen as essentially one quirk design of a Man Brain style (even though made up of multiple self similar entities and instances of a very specific and fluke and quirkly designed Generalized Man Brain) as only one Man Brain, then any other newly designed and radically modified Man Brain, even if there is only one example, only ONE UNIT of such a Man Brain can itself be seen as an entire civilization, talking to itself, other subsets of itself or many other internal communication paths, following many other wildly different processing circuits compared to us.

So you can have a Star Sized Man Brain that is itself and infinitely different from us and living in a wildly different universe, not even needing any "consensus based reality" to create its reality, beyond common ground reality based Observers and Consensus based observers and such.

And there are trillions of single unit newly designed Mindforms, Observers, Brains with wildly different circuits living in wildly different worlds, where they can create all of their own reality not having to be a slave of the consensus of other minds observing and comparing and making sure "they don't make mistakes" and such. In these newly designed minds, mistakes are the new normal, there are only mistakes as nothing is right or wrong since nothing can be right or wrong since there is no longer any self similar observer acting as the prison guard of reality and such (and comparing reality amongst themselves to create a common ground reality along with the repetitive patterns that are discovered and confirmed because they can be experienced independently in other points of space and time occupied by the other chunks of matter acting as observers).

So think yourself out of reality, modify your internal circuits and become a new Man Brain, independent of any consensus based reality created by others, go outside of "society" and "communication" and the "common world", BE YOUR OWN BOSS. And especially, be sure to never communicate all of what you discover and see in this newly created universe, since it can never be communicated anymore, since there is no longer any common ground with our present Stone Age and Ape Man Man Brain that must be radically re-designed and re-engineered into new styles and new things and new universes and new entities with wildly and incredibly and contradictory crazy new Laws of Physics and such.

As a corollary, there is a larger number of different new Mindforms that can be created and invented (just the number of combination of circuits having 1,000 numbers is 10^1000) than there is information upon which those Mindforms can operate on ! and each new Mindform can be an entire new universe with new laws of physics and such, especially all of those Mindforms that are not Consensus Based Realities.


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