Friday, April 13, 2012

Fake Hard Work

Fake Hard Work

Given that nothing really needs to be "produced" anymore, that the Technological Economy has done away with most Real Work and Labor, the only thing that is left is Status Games, Office Politics, Power Struggles, Conflicts, the real job is "Convincing Your Boss" or "Convincing the Markets" or "Selling Some Imaginary Value and Crap to some Worthless Customers" as Man is a worthless generalized Turd, is a puke, is a piece of crap, 100 % bar none. The Real Job consists in convincing the other mind, mind games, the real job is to obtain a good judgment from the other mind, the other, the Boss, the whatever other mind you depend on, etc.

The real job is showing off "how Hard You Work" which really means how much of a Slave and how much you will and must abide to random forces, whether Bosses, Corporations, Markets whatever, all of those forces that want you to be a slave, to jump ever more higher, the poor worker must always ask, How High Must I Jump, and the Boss tells him ever more higher, ever more "Hard Work" Show, the show must go on, so beat each other up with all of the "Hard Work" BS, give the "Future Boss", the guy who wants to get "Ahead" an ever more Hard Time, give him impossible tasks, impossible schedules, get him working the most impossible tasks (always totally useless, totally vain, just an excuse to exercise power, 99 % of all tasks in all of the offices worldwide are so idiotic and ridiculous and useless that it is obvious to anyone that they are just Man Made contraptions to make believe that there is some real work to be done, just contraptions used to repress others, to continue the subtle fight of contrasting Will Powers, the imaginary and useless tasks that appear only because some other Arbitrary Will Power wants to have some fun seeing others abide and work like slaves, to see statuses reconfirmed, to see the power structure enhanced once again and such) announced always at the Last Minute Friday Evening to get him working like a slave all weekend and such.

This is what "work" really consists of in a Technological Economy, make believe activities that only hide the desire to repress the other, the desire to command and boss the other, the desire to replicate and amplify the structural inequality, the Fake Show of Hard Work, the Fake Show of meritocracy all based on power and force and arbitrary will powers deciding to beat up the other and such (rarely based on anything really objectively valuable, since too many people would be too good at that and you need to select a few and filter out all of those that become "lazy" (and see how the hard work myth imposes people to become lazy by creating ever higher barriers for them to be considered "successful" and such) since they don't or can't or desire to follow ever harder boss or market requests (or impossible sales targets and such) and also notice how the power structures reproduce themselves perfectly since the boss (boss is just a proxy word to mean corporations and markets and banks and power and such) will let only those that are exactly like him get ahead, and they know right away who is a future Slave Boss and who doesn't want to be one and such).

On a side note, the Startup myth, and the flexible USA economy gives people some more wiggle room in that they can try to become their own bosses (but it is mostly an illusion), many other places don't even allow that little wiggle room the USA has such as in China, JAPAN, South Korea most of Europe and such, in these places, the status, arbitrary, "connections" and "relationships" forces aren't even hidden too much, most people there already know and are cynical, know that only the other person's power and judgments counts to "get ahead", all else is mostly irrelevant.

But of course, the system is all automatic, the Bosses had to go through the same hell and they will impose a similar hell upon the new crop of graduates and such, and of course many won't stand for it, many will not abide as they will understand and see how it is all just a power game, there is no real technical or business reason or economic reason behind 99 % of things, hence they see that it is just an arbitrary will power expressing their power and whether or not to abide and play the game or not. And many will not, or will play it partially or will eventually give in and give up as in the pressure is constantly increased for the future boss that wants to have a career and to make it must keep it up, ever more, until he makes it and such. And those that don't abide, don't want to play the game are considered "Lazy", slackers, don't "Want to Work" and such, when in all truth they don't want to be under some arbitrary will power of some arbitrary thug wanting to express his power and repress the new crops of slaves, etc.

But then, if you play the game, you can't go back, you slowly start having too much to lose, you can't give up or give even a little less otherwise you will lose all of the past investment, all the past effort will have been in vain, your past work and effort is your prison and forces you to keep on trying harder, to keep up the long hours, ever more and such, otherwise you risk losing everything, you risk losing all the past work, it all goes down the drain, it can all be judged as being a big fat ZERO in a jiffy since the only forces acting within the Technological Economy is the instant judgment, the instant will power event, the instant change of the judgment from "Possible" to "Bad", from possible Win, to lose and such (resembles the housing crisis, when you can't keep up the payments but you can't give up the house otherwise you risk losing all the money you already paid for it, etc: the solution ? just leave the keys, stop paying, who cares, lose "everything", it was all worthless crap anyways and the same for the stressed out boss, just give up, who cares, it is all crap anyways).

So, in the end, it is all a losing proposition, just like the South Korean (or JAPAN or China) students always "studying", when in truth it is just a subtle dictatorship of power expressing itself upon the minds of the students, saying you are nothing, you are a slave, you must abide, I am the boss and such, and they get brainwashed by the same BS and replicate the same values and systems over and over again.

You have to"Work Hard" which means be a total slave of another will power if you want to succeed and "Make Money". But the exact meaning and value of money is the fact that it is and renders you independent from other will powers, from other fluke judgments, the reason to want money is to try to gain as much independence and freedom from this huge ball of crap of modern labor, to be free from other judgments and power, and money is the value of objective independence, the more money (the symbol and proxy), the more you can possibly be free and such.

But make no mistake, the very reason Inequality and Power Structures and Status games and all kinds of Arbitrary Will Power events and forces keep on increasing is exactly because the Technological Economy has done away with the need for any real labor and work, it needs more real labor and work like a hole in the head, but this freedom from the dependency on real work and tasks makes the arbitrary components of will powers expressing themselves ever more powerful, the fluff and games become ever more powerful as the more real work becomes no longer necessary: the less real work there is to do, the harder the Drone of "Hard Work" is being imposed on everyone, the harder the Powers that Be must brainwash everyone of the need of "Hard Work", the more real hard work is no longer necessary and needed for the economy to work, the more imaginary and arbitrary and will power and power and status based invented and imaginary and comic book Hard Work is imposed on workers, just because, just for fun, because Man is a turd, is an Ape Man stone age turd.

There is no "Objective Economy" and forces at work, there are only relationships between reciprocal people, between reciprocal will powers judging, there is nothing objective between people, only arbitrary reference systems established by the other person's mind judging, by reciprocal minds making believe that they are objective when it is not based on anything but fluke will powers which are without any value at all.


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