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You can see the deception so clearly by just looking at Europe and all of the debates and political fights they are having in Spain, Italy and Greece over "Labor Laws": why all the emphasis on the problems of hiring and firing people ? why all of the resistance to hiring ? simple: there simply is not any work available for anyone anymore, the game is over, so what they are saying is simply we will hire only if we can easily fire, since it is a given that what they all mostly will do and and have to do or just want to do for fun, just out of boredom, is to fire, mostly fire, and fire with pleasure, but they don't want any pesky "Labor Laws" interfering with their field day of hiring and firing and all of that BS. And why ? because there is no possible investment that can give any profit anymore by "hiring people" to do no one knows what, since there is absolutely nothing left to do in most work environments given the level of optimization, automation, outsourcing, and you name it achieved by a Technological Economy.

So what the powers that be do is put the blame squarely always on workers and some problems and shortcomings the workers have, since they have no idea on how to distribute all the huge profits corporations are making (also known as free wealth a technological economy provides by automation and huge use of energy and all such as in the creation of an Infinite Resource Society but they must hide this fact very carefully by pitting everyone against everyone else and such, especially all the weaker classes against other weaker classes) since there is nothing left for people to do at jobs and there will be no work available for anyone anymore in the future no matter what they all say, they invent all kinds of excuses to not give out the profits unconditionally and for free to all.

But, alas, it is all useless, the Man Brain can only follow a predetermined Ape Man and Stone Age path of conflict and must simply be hosed and changed into a new non conflicting and fighting machine.

In the meanwhile, we must give out free salaries to all, cheap rents and build trillions of skyscrapers and spaceships and such. And overpopulation is a myth, and even in the worst case, the world can host thousands of trillions of people in trillions of high tech skyscrapers, and trillions of people are needed to explore the Solar System and inhabit Mars and Venus and such, and there could be trillions of hobby factories worldwide where people put in some time building skyscrapers and spaceships as a hobby, maybe just one or two hours a day (but if you want you can stay all day and all night long and such), etc.

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