Sunday, April 15, 2012



So if you disconnect all entities from their material design, from their material support and attach them to other material designs, or any combination of material designs (and symbols ? and other entities ? and other things ? any "things" at all ?) and let all of the other material items assume what they would respectively be through their prior Information Relationships, you can obtain many different new worlds, the goal and task and fun is to compare this to what you already think you know, to enjoy the contrast, the possible inversion of reality and such, etc.

So if you separate a photon from its material design as a round little ball and associate its function and relationship with any arbitrary chaotic set of entities, for example that single photon on Mars can be disconnected from its material support and connected to a sofa plus a rock plus a panel plus a chunk of ocean plus a chunk of solar plasma plus a shirt (the sum (or any other possible relationship ? subtraction or multiplication or square root or etc. ? mixing ? denotating ? imagine any trillions of new invented relationships making the photon become a sofa and a shirt and such) of all of these items IS the photon based on a new material style), then what would all of the other entities in the universe become ? they would have to all change their connection to material designs to conserve all of their reciprocal Information Relationships and such (but you can also assign rules where they don't have to conserve their relationships but create completely new relationships, or trillions of relationships where there was one, or no relationship where there where many and so on). But you can also disconnect many different material items from their material support and connect them to many others, all different, so maybe one electron is connected to becoming a car, another electron is connected to becoming an animal, another electron is connected to becoming a photon and another electron is connected to becoming a galaxy and such (and a new Mind is made up of all of these newly designed and formatted electrons and the rules may be changed as each elementary particle is no longer indistinguishable, but they are all different combination of items and hence the new Mind made up of this new material support will experience completely new universes and lifestyles and forms, etc., but you can do the opposite and condense many different items into being just a photon: the car and rock and backyard is one photon in a new Man Brain, but the next electron of the newly designed and formatted Man Brain is a city, so you have both condensation and explosion of entities, many items condensed into one item and some items exploded into trillions of items and such, all kinds of wacky relationships, cool ...). And then all other items must follow all kinds of reciprocal formats, some coherent, some ad hoc, some partially coherent and so on, and the very line of connection and disconnection of items from their material support can also become new items and new supports, new designs imposing all kinds of new changes, etc. So many items can be condensed into one photon but also one photon can be assigned in place of many items, but also one photon can become a rock plus a mountain plus a city (and the two directions condensation and explosion are different, are totally different animals and so on, and many new directions, many new diode types of matter to matter converters, all kinds of things, mix it all like crazy) but also this line of connection can be many different other things, so many items can be related to a photon in many ways, and can be not only equal or condensed or exploded into a photon but many other relationships, trillions of relationships, so the relationship that disconnects a photon from its material support can be a sofa, and the end point of the line can be a TV set and so on, ever more wild relationships, the destructuring of reality, the mixing and matching of all kinds of wild pseudo possible mathematical relationships that are in all truth pure Metaphysical Relationships, etc.

And then extend and extrapolate, the carbon atom in your mind is a sofa plus a shoe, and your eye is an electron and your other eye is a galaxy and so on, and each of these are other condensed or exploded items since the galaxy that is your eye is made up of planets that are atoms but also other planets that are completely newly designed Man Brains, and so on, up and down and all other kinds of extrapolations and so forth.

Or something like that...


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