Friday, April 27, 2012

Right Wing Blogger ?



lizbethrose wrote:I was thinking more along the lines of Michelle Malkin or ALEC. The Right Wing seems to need more strident voices. I thought the Joker could provide that, is all. I don't know how much bloggists are paid--I imagine that depends on the publication--and/or the originality of the writer. The thing is, Michelle Malkin is about the only right-wing blogger around and she's countered by many left-wingers.

Rush Limbaugh is losing credence--even hard-line Conservatives are starting to realize that he's nothing other than a bag of hot air out to make a buck--or millions.

Where is the true grass-roots voice of Conservatism?

Apester answers:

Exactly what can a Right Wing blogger have to say that is new or original ? I will sum it up:

1) People are all lazy slobs and suck and don't want to work;

2) People don't study and suck and deserve all the punishment the economy provides them;

3) People don't deserve anything since they don't want to do anything, they don't want to take risks as the risk loving successful business owners did, but the losers, mostly 80 % of the population are not only lazy but envious of the winners, want to rob their "hard earned" money from them, therefore, hate most people, they suck, they will never learn, they will never want to work real hard and sacrifice and put in the 24 hours a day work day to become successful and rich and such;

4) The US economy and worldwide economy is doing bad because people don't want to work hard enough, don't want to risk money and play the game of capitalism and try to win, they are all a bunch of lazy whinners, craps, turds, they don't reason with logic, they are all drunk and drugged, hate most people with all of your guts, they ruined everything, they ruined the American Dream and such;

5) Hate the greens and environmentalists, we need trillions of Atomic Energy plants, hate nature with all of your guts, kill the greens who want to protect nature and such;

6) Get rid of all kinds of welfare, if you don't work no money for you, tough luck, get rid of all of the millions of freeloaders;

7) Get rid of retirement and pension pay outs all together, if you don't work, no money for you, no matter what age you are;

8 ) Get rid of all health care that is not extremely PROFIT oriented, private and extremely expensive so as to filter out the poor, the losers, the too many people who bust my chops by their very existence, the too many freeloaders and lazy crap heads and such; Health must be provided only to the winners, the hard workers, those that deserve it and especially those that make enough money for it, otherwise, just roll over and die, useless slobs; this also solves the population explosion problem, let the other poor 7 billion people worldwide just die and get out the way, there is not enough for everyone, someone has to go, let all the losers and poor and lazy slobs get out of the way, no one needs them, the economy will do fine without them;

9) Get rid of all government jobs, all jobs must be private and workers must have no protection at all, only the winners and business owners should decide all, they should be free to express their free will in anyway at all;

10) Let it all hang out, don't hesitate to say what you truly think, show people the truth, how much they are all hateable, be proud of your hate and violence, and all: No Politically Correct here!

Do I agree with all of that above (and many other points) ? Yes, but I am left wing, go figure ...

I am a contradiction, I love contradiction, I love changing my mind constantly, I love killing any patterns, I suck, I am crazy, I have finished writing this post. AMEN.


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