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James S Saint wrote:
Dorwinicus wrote:jeez Nameta you talk to much. :P

Interestingly, everything he says isn't total nonsense.
But it would be nice if there were a little more input to match his output.


I produce my own input and answer with my own output, a closed system, I invent my inputs and outputs, like a loop, like an infinite loop and such. And the Observer can also exist completely disjoint and alone from anything and any universe or any laws and any constraints, the Observer can be his own Universe as any Observer - Universe set is just an action reaction set, and as such can be a closed loop with no "External Reality", an Observer only Universe so to say and so forth and such. And as there are an infinite number of possible designs for an Observer, of possible Action - Reaction Sets, Experience Sets and so forth, then there are an infinite number of completely different and new and disjoint Universes and as such there is no Universe at all, only point like events, only random, there is nothing but everything, and as a corollary we know nothing, any Observer and any Information Set, Experience Set, no matter how complete and elaborate knows nothing at all since there is always an infinite amount of new possibile Experience Sets that the given Observer cannot ever see and view and experience and such. We know nothing at all forever, we will never know anything at all forever, the entire project of Scientific Research is doomed from the outset no matter what, Science is vain, there is too much to possibly know, and even if you knew it all, you wouldn't know Ignorance and Non Knowledge which is just another form of knowledge and experience, the laws of conservation of knowledge: knowlegde does not increase it only changes design and style.

The Observer is the Universe in the sense that the Reaction Set the Observer can interact through is how the Universe compliments the Observers design (nay, the Observer defines the Universe through his own design, assigns the universe according to how he can interact with it, his sense organs, logic, arms and so forth), how the Universe reflects the Observer and how the Observer reflects the Universe according to how he is configured and designed, according to the Reaction Set he is set up to interact through, according to the Information Relationship Set and Experience Set he is programmed with: and yet the idea is so simple and so overlooked, we are just one design that reflects a particular view of the Universe according to our sense organs and Mind Design and Interaction Set and so forth: change the design of the Observer in any possible way and you have a reciprocal complimentary Universe with which that newly designed Observer can and will interact with, etc.

But we believe in the validity and Absolute thruth of the laws of the Universe according to our quirk and completely invented, random design: there is no external truth, no Laws of Physics, no Absolutes, only relative truths and absolutes according to how we are configured and designed. And we cannot get out of this wanting to assign all of what we see and think as globally and universally valid, nothing further from the truth, it is all just a quirk and an invention, a little game Nothing plays on Nothing as there is no global and universal category for anything, not even logic, not even the word "Universe" is valid and so forth.

And a civilization is just a like a computer network with nodes (Minds) interacting through connections (sense organs and common world appearing as a continual construction when there is no "Extension" between the Information chunks exchanged between Minds and Machines and Thoughts and such, only point like Information Relationships constructed through a sequence of events and symbols and logical constructions in logically connected neural networks of this particular design of a Man Brain and such).

So make up a new Integrated Circuit where there are a sea of loops always running and the information navigates through the loops: ( an Ocean of loops with Information swimming through it, on the surface, in the deep and all through it etc.) make the loops the invariants and the information the variants, trillions of loops waiting for information to be processed according to algorithms which are only complex loops and loops inside loops and such. And it is interesting to see how the entire idea of Repetitive Patterns (aka the entire program of Scientific Research) are really just loops, cycling reoccurrences of the same patterns with some changes evolving towards an arbitrarily defined end point, the end point being something functionally useful for an arbitrarily defined Observer and such. And then project higher abstractions, ever more vague and impossible, such as a loop of algorithms of invariants and so forth, ever harder to understand, such as if 0 is the information and 1 is the loop then what is 4566 ? and minus 433 and then what is Xddfe ? and so forth invent ever more indirect, remote, impossible, be vague, make it totally not understandable, kill all possible communication, create mysterious and deep, and be a creep, infinitely mysterious and deep, and recursions, and fascinating, and incredible and fun and so forth, wild and crazy ideas, ever more crazy, a higher degree of crazy, never end the levels, infinite value, impossibilities achieved, Barbie Crazy Cinderella Candy...

Now go and stick it in the Rant House, shove a V8 engine in your brain and explore a new universe...

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