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Investments - Part Two

Investments - Part Two

Economists always reason within the categories of Profit, Gain, Investment and such and that is how the world must be, is forced to be, will be no matter what: the entire fix and obsession on "Economic Growth" is all about Profits, future profits, future profits from Investments and such, the entire fix on this, the entire obsession on growth at any cost is always tied into the idea that money has to increase (and in fact it is forced to increase in the end through inflation and especially pumping up the prices of homes, a basic need, and health care a basic need so as to squeeze people to pay more for basic needs since our society can no longer really go forward now, now it is all about fighting between each other for basic needs), that a gain has to be made, that a profit must be maid and naturally this occurs when markets are "Expanding", "Growing"; when you can sell more stuff, when there is more "Activity" and such. And so it is with all the numbers and statistics, all of them are really only measures on how much possible profit can be and will be made in the future, and the corollary "Debts", as if debts must be made so that profits are forced to be made no matter what, since now the debts must be paid back and the only wat to pay them back is by gaining a profit, hence the necessity for economies to grow, for the GDP to grow, so that all the future debts are a smaller ratio to what is being "produced" and such.

But it is an illusion, very few activities will generate much profit anymore, most of the real "innovative" and ground breaking novelties and new markets and activities and such of the 20th century have been done and are over and done with: Apple is the model with their inventing and producing iphones that sell like crazy and such, but how mnany new things like that can be invented ? how many times can that happen ?? not much really, only once in a while, and as time goes by, ever longer while. And then all of the profits are always measured relative to from where they came from, never absolutely: case in point, Apple is "over the hill now", Apple no longer is "growing" and such, so then Apple is no longer a good investment: it doesn't matter that their level of profits is science fiction for 99 % of companies worldwide (20 billion dollars, a truly insane amount of money), that it is insane that a company makes so much profits on such a puny item like a telephone, but the economists and investors measure it according to the last quarter and such, and if it isn't increasing it is "bad" and such (no matter where it came from, like economies, JAPAN is truly the 4th richest country in the world, is hugely rich compared to almost anyplace else, is totally developed, organized, has solved all of their problems (it is virtually impossible for such a country to grow any further, it just can't be done, like it is impossible for Apple to make 10 billion dollars more profits every year forever), and such, but since they are not growing, they are in a stagflation, they are in bad shape when 99 % of the world will never even hope to achieve such level of wealth and such), totally insane way of seeing things, yet the logic is like a drone, like an a idiot, it must always go up no matter what.

And what is worse the economists, investors and such assign a morality factor to the missing growth or profit, someone is to blame, someone didn't do what they should, that is why the economies don't grow and such (increase pension ages in Europe, change the labor laws, beat up people as much as possible, fire public workers, the morality factor - punish them since they didn't make me make a profit, since the economies aren't growing anymore, they are guilty of not respecting the automatic god of money always having to increase no matter what, they must be punished, especially the weaker classes (but they never say that home prices should crash, maybe then economic activity could get a small boost, but they never say this because their real goal is the profits, is the gain no matter what and in order to get this home prices must always go up no matter what, in the USA home prices increasing again is a good sign, they are never looking at the normal worker who has to pay more for a basic need, they just look at the generalized imaginary good, the moral good of their profits and investments creating a return and such, economies are doing "good" when "home prices increase" and such)), if things aren't constantly going up, someone is being bad, is not behaving, is not "competitive" enough, or "productive" enough and such.

On the one hand the economists and investors chant that unemployment is bad (since it doens't imply new consumers, more economic growth) but on the other hand they also chant that China is losing 3 million workers a year for their demography (with 100s of millions of workers they can't compensate ? totally insane), Europe is losing millions of workers for age reasons too and such, but if Europe has so much unemployment wouldn't that be good news ? maybe some of the unemployed can finally get employed ? (as usual intractable contradictory forces that lead nowhere but try to hide the real agenda: profits must be made no matter what, like the currency values, if the EURO is too high Europe can't export, but if it is too low, Europe pays more for oil and such, contradictory forces, if you gain on one side, you lose on the other and so forth). But obviously, the reasons why none of this really makes any sense is because the model of growth forever and the idea of profits forever makes everything look wrong and such.

It is incredible that there are still 100 million poeple working in the USA, incredible, how can you possibly expect more "Employment" or more "Growth" than this ? totally absurd expectations especially if you consider what is being produced (and that is within a Technological Economy having economies of scale, networks, highways, computers and automation and scientific know how and such that should amplify production by the boatloads!) and that is : NOTHING AT ALL, office politics, status games, winners and losers, nothing that is becoming serialized or accumulating; but the categories of the economists are always in terms of aggregations and accumulations of result, big numbers where everything is added up: well if you add up 100 million people a day then that means a billion man hours of "work" of "effort" a day: wow, and what has been produced ? what has been created ? why don't they serialize that ? why don't they accumulate that number ? because if they were to serialize and accumulate that number and then look at the result it would become apparent that no one is doing jack shit by a long run ! the real measure of "Productivity" should be minus a billion man hours a day of economic wealth and production NOT ACHIEVED, with all of that time and "effort" you could go to mars a million times, produce a trillion skyscrapers, do anything on earth if all of that effort was serialized, accumulated for a common goals and such instead of petty fighting between each other, each trying to get an upper hand, a gain, since profit in the end is only a gain a person gets by robbing it from someone else, the entire idea of profit is to disrupt things, create instabilities, imbalances between people, power imbalances, companies, markets and grab an advantage and such, there is nothing morally deep about proifts and growth or anything, there really is very little common wealth accumulated by all of this.

But, as usual, the idea goes back to socialism and such, if there is no profit or gain, if I can't get more than you there is no incentive to do anything, we all become equal and equally inactive and poor and such: so we all need inequalities and disruptions and instabilities, fights, economic fights, corporate competitions, people and companies and systems and countries competing bewteen each other (to grab "market share") and so forth, and all kinds of changes for changes sake to create the possiblity to grab some more against someone else, to make a gain against something else and so forth.

But in the end, none of this will ever change, the game is this no matter what, JHK keeps on hoping that things can change, that energy will be a limit and so forth: nothing further from the truth, the system will keep on chugging along no matter what, the system has brainwashed everyone that this is the only possible way to go, there is really no alternative, either this growth and profits and debts model or nothing else, all else is doomed and such.

And in all truth, the entire "economic crisis" is just a make believe crisis, the "fiscal cliff" and such, all fake imaginary emergencies, all fake problems, in all truth, the system is completely stable, rock solid, won't change an inch, hasn't changed an inch, those little disruptions of the "crisis" are invisible in the larger scheme of things, the system cannot change unless governments and economists and politicians start to completely change their Economic Ideology and the Standard Economic Model: such as to hose the entire idea of profits and investments and debts and give out free salaries, cheap rents and huge public - private projects and so forth, skyscrapers rockets and such: will this ever happen ? no, the investors and economists and politicians will always blame something or someone or the workers as being guilty for not making them make more profits, for not making the economy grow, they all need "new training" and "more education" (no one ever asks to do what ! totally stupid ideas everyone repeats), we need more "Productivity" (another totally stupid idea that means more output with fewer workers, so fewer workers will make the economy grow ?) and so forth, more competition, more innovation and research and so forth: there is no amount of research and innovation that will make money grow automatically for no reason at all, but they will force it to grow anyways through abstract, vague and intractable financial magic all the "mathematicians and researchers" dream up in the "research" and "innovation" and such).

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