Thursday, February 21, 2013



May I entertain you, you can mix a few transistors at 32nm length with a jet engine with a skyscraper with a pebble and create a new circuit, a new function (or many parallel functions) you can invent and make believe and play just like a little baby that that is something cool and groovy that works, that does new incredible things, metaphysical things, abstract things, or even super real things and so forth and you can imagine how the brain form represented by the car tire can react to the new type of computer made of those chunks of matter, those random pieces of material connected in the strangest ways, interacting in the most surprising and unexpeted ways, disrupting everything you could ever imagine and everything you ever knew about how the "world worked", total disruption of all and such. And everything you see, all kinds of things, ideas, thoughts, concepts, pieces of materials, designs and pictures, can be combined in the strangest ways, can become a superprecise circuit creating incredible new functions, or everything can be the serialization of a linear function that creates just a small pebble on Mars, or that creates a smbol written on a piece of paper, or the symbol in a machine can be converted into all kinds of materials or items, all kinds of disjoint, incoherent mixes of things, meaning some many new things and so forth...

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