Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Investments - Part 3

Investments - Part 3

So the Greeks had another strike today and the French Prime Minister promised that France "Will Invest in Greece",they will make "Investments": but that is the problem, those strikers should tell France that they can go fly a kite with the concept of "Investments" and tell them that they Demand Scott Free Handouts! this word, "Investments" that tries to make everything look so "objective", so "Natural" so logical and such, when all it is is another of those vague concepts that try to hide the simple Power Relationship between who has the cash and who doesn't: those who want to make an Investment must get a return on the money but obviously there is no possible return anymore in most endeavors, most manufacturing (even the Chinese are offshoring: their workers 200 dollars a month paycheck is way too much, now they are trying Nigeria where the paycheck is still 50 dollars a month and such), most services don't return crap, most jobs are a pure loss, don't produce anything, so the entire idea of Investments must be hosed, must go out of the window, kill the concept of investments, kill this word that confuses people and makes them believe all the BS that the economy is something logical and objective when it is only a war, a war between who has the cash and millions of turds that need that cash but are too afraid to ask for Scott Free Handouts, they must oblige to ask for "jobs", something that is obsolete, no longer needed, no longer worth crap, there has never been an era where the entire concept of work and jobs has become meaningless, redundant, but the word investments brainwashes the turds that they have to deserve it, that the cash has to have a return on investments and such.

Obviously no one is really going to "Invest" in Greece or Spain or Italy or many other countries for the simple reason that there is nothing worth investing in (they can try the Real Estate Price Inflation mechanism that has been so successful in the past, but most of those countries are now mostly broke and bankrupt go figure); their salaries are way too high compared to the third world, they don't have any super special skills (the mythological "Skill Set" and Training BS and "More Education", "Innovation", "Startup", "Research" and especially the "More Flexibility to Hire and Fire" (never has a simple desire to exert power been hidden behind such abstruse and objective seeming concepts: what they really want is the joy to hire and fire and exert power on the weaker social class, just because, because people love to execute their Will Power against another, they want to punch someone in the face but don't know how to say it so as to make it seem so "objective" and "logical", the "science of economics" and such) and so forth everyone is brainwashed about) (as if everyone is supposed to work in high tech Integrated Circuit Factories experts in Solid State Physics and such, and even these experts are redundant and crapped upon just like any old nigger), real investments are hard to come by and even if they do make investments it has no relationship to the possible "number of jobs" that they can imply and especially the possible "redistribution" of profit and cash to the community, which is obviously ever more impossible and so forth.

And the truth is there is very little possible new research and innovation and startups possible today, most economic sectors have been beaten to death by now, most opportunity has been expired and achieved by the past winners, now we are left with breadcrumbs, the game is over, but that is why they all insist on ever more research, innovation, economic growth and such, since these things are really dead and over with, gone forever, the more they are impossible to get back the more they all chant that they need more and more, more research, more startups more this and that, more education, more training and so forth: and no one asks: Exactly To Do What With ? is that so hard to ask ? is that so hard to figure out ? no one understands crap about anything, they are all drones, brainwashed and repeating the same crap they hear over and over again, like the United Tape Recorders of the World, etc.

The concept of Investment is Obsolete, you must give Scott Free Handouts to all worldwide and no longer create conditions in order to give out the money, you must hose all of these ideas, this word, Investment, a return on money and such is no longer possible in a Technological Economy, it can only apply to a small portion of work and such. And the truth is that if the powers that be, those that have cash and such simply stated what they really want and namely: they want to keep their cash and hose everyone else, it is a static power situation a status achieved, where no one who is weak will ever have a chance and such, since they can't admit this openly, they need all of these vague and abstruse concepts to hide a simple A wins B loses, and most people are or will end up being B, end of story.

And most of all the concept and word of Investment always wants to hide a simple Will Power opposing yours, another person who wants to be the boss, who wants to decide, who wants to exert his power and such: but since power is always arbitrary and not justified, the entire concept of investment must be hosed, we need Scott free handouts to all and cheap rents and such, kill power, kill every structure of power...


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