Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Imaginary Box

Imaginary Box

The imaginary box on the top of your body, the box everyone is trying to manipulate, everyone is trying to affirm their rules, the way they see things, as every brain gives the illusion as being the only brain, the only view, the view that occupies all space and all time, and we simply pay lip service to "politically correct" and "respect of other people's opinion and views" and other BS. Because the entire concept of justice and law and envy and wanting to punish and so forth, all the political fights make it appear as if the BOX is one only and everyone is trying to make the combinations in the BOX be the way they want them to be, but since the combinations are infinite, and since everyone wants the generalized and absolute reality represented by the Imaginary Box to be they way they want it, they exert the fight their will power forces them to exert, as if that box is in some abstract world shared by all and everything, valid for all space and time and so forth.

The entire concept of morality and Law, the metaphysical rules imposed by religions, right and wrong, the wars and such, politics and fights are all because of this imaginary "common world" this imaginary metaphysical abstract "Imaginary Box" - the brain, that must behave and follow the values and laws any random brain (nay, group of brains, country, civilization, religion, a set of brains that affirm what the imaginary box must be by sheer numbers) believes must be the correct ones.

And yet the brain as an imaginary abstract box containing all and all of the world appears to be
exactly as such given the perfect logical and abstract nature of its logic circuits, all of its language and thought paths, the absolute and generalized sequence of patterns associated with sequence of words, with sequence of discourse everyone can understand, can connect to, the logic and language and thought paths being so purely perfect and abstract and logical, pure bits, pure logic, no extension here, and as such this box on the top of your body contains all of these abstract constructions inside of it, and as such all boxes of all people contain similar abstract constructions make it all appear as one place, one entity, a monolithic abstract imaginary box that is undergoing a tug of war between contrasting will powers wanting the box to contain and interact according to some arbitrary interaction set and such.

And as such when it is said "Justice is Made", when someone is condemned according to the law and such, when someone wins the war, when god judges and punishes according to the rules: in that moment, the moment Justice is Made and such, the imaginary box appears to be a shared entity, a shared common monolithic entity that everyone thinks must behave and appear as one (a common construction, a monolithic entity everyone is helping to construct,in the same box but that is valid for all space and all time, just as the world appears to any single brain), being that the box is all, is the universe all and all, the box represents all of which is possible and such. The box of pure logic circuits (but if the minds had more extension between the logic symbols and circuits, more dead time and dead space, more undefined and random details - pebbles, car tires, broken glasses and windows and so forth, cracks, between all its logic, the imaginary box would no longer be such, there would be too much random detail in the common "platonic world" to make it appear so pure anymore, it would be wild and fun and crazy and no one could make much sense of it, the common world finally defeated, the imaginary box collapsed, finally, details prevail random wins, no more platonic structures here, no more metaphysical world here, now it is all crazy detailed random having no sense, where there is nothing to fight for, very localized and not generalized and absolute, completely relative and such). We worship the imaginary box and common world it represents, we devote ourselves to this god, this abstract place, this metaphysical construction of minds operating according to reason, all intent on constructing this common monolithic place containing the correct laws, the correct events, the history of the world must be a correct one and such.

But there is no such thing, it is just an illusion, there is no Imaginary Box, the abstract constructions live in an abstract world that makes the box appear real and all, but this is just one very particular fluke design of a brain, another design will change all of this and so forth.

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