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Long Term Trends

Long Term Trends

The reasons why the Mall is full and such is because the Technological Economy produces wealth without the need to produce an equivalent amount of corresponding work: this relationship is no longer linear (and hasn't been linear for decades in fact), is no longer so primitive as it was in the 18th century, as the fairy tale Work Ethic wants you to believe it is: this relationship is actually probably upside down, the more people are at work and work (taking time away from Consumerism, which is the only thing that really counts, as work today has no value and no use for anyone) the less wealth and Economic Growth and efficiency is generated, whereas the less people work and waste time at work (working fairy tale service jobs) the more Economic Growth and wealth is generated: the more intelligent and optimized and productive work performed by a few superstars hogging up all the work and all the needs and necessities of production the more wealth is generated for everyone, everyone else can stay at home and watch TV and get out of the way as they are an impediment to higher productivity, they are useless, either it is all or nothing today, either you are the top designer engineer scientist etc. or you better just get lost and stay at home since you will decrease the productivity of those very few superstar workers this Technological Economy needs (and then it really doesn't need even them, as even superstar workers are a dime a dozen, and most functions, problems and tasks have been performed and solved once and for all, now there is truly very little left to do no matter what the Standard Economic Model tries to brainwash everyone in believing).

And the very Standard Economic Model recognizes this: they too recognize that in the beginning of the 20th century there was a lot more real work being done as in :

"American agriculture and rural life underwent a tremendous transformation
in the 20th century. Early 20th century agriculture was labor intensive, and
it took place on a large number of small, diversified farms in rural areas
where more than half of the U.S. population lived. These farms employed
close to half of the U.S. workforce, along with 22 million work animals, and
produced an average of five different commodities. The agricultural sector
of the 21st century, on the other hand, is concentrated on a small number of
large, specialized farms in rural areas where less than a fourth of the U.S.
population lives. These highly productive and mechanized farms employ a
tiny share of U.S. workers and use 5 million tractors in place of the horses
and mules of earlier days."

(notice JHK as an old timer conservative is also still fighting these ancient forces where farm work is no longer necessary, he and his followers can't get over these ancient battles of the 1920s and 1930s and such)

and the same can be said of manufacturing, during the 20th century manufacturing employed a much larger part of the workers, but as time went by even manufacturing became less and less labor intensive and such. And this is the general trend going forward in the future, a Technological Economy needs less and less labor in all endeavors, not only in the basics, in every task there is the need for less workers and less work is being produced and will be produced no matter what (and what a paradox, as if "work must be produced", whereas it is the exact contrary, work diminishing and disappearing is actually a sign of success of an Economy, a sign of an ever highly productive and efficient economic system and such, not the other way around). So the trend is understood and accepted, but since there is no other possible way to distribute the wealth, but only through work that is no longer necessary, the powers that be must invent all kinds of excuses as to why they can't distribute the wealth for free, scott free handouts (they condition the handouts (which are really handouts that are masked and hidden behind fake work and such since nothing is really being produced at the end of the day, only fake "services" and such BS) by forcing you to make believe that you are working in fake tasks just to put the appearance and show on and such), why they can't "hire" so many workers (the truth is they can't hire them because they don't have the faintest idea what to let them do 8 hours a day everyday and such) so they start with all of the BS of more training, more education, more flexibility (they don't chant the idiotic idea that you have to change kinds of jobs every two years, it seems that that BS went out of style) more innovation (this must be the least innovative, most conservative and most dead, bored and status achieved era of society ever!) and so forth and all of the poor turds believe in all of this BS, they get more education (with more debts) they try to be more flexible, they try it all but they don't realize that they are being taken for a ride, they are being fooled by a huge pile if BS: work is obsolete, no longer necessary, optional, meaningless, and that little real work left to do can be done by way fewer people than the present 100 million worker population of the USA, it can probably be done with maybe 20 million people tops and such).

As a side note, it makes me laugh to read that the Chinese are worried that their work force is decreasing and such: they have hundreds of millions of possible workers, how on earth can they even keep 100 million people at work in their factories anyways ?!?! I mean that would be equivalent to 100,000 factories with 1,000 workers "producing" all kinds of things and such! I can't even imagine 100,000 diffferent things and such, let alone 1,000 workers needed to produce them and such! And imagine how much fewer of those workers would be needed and how much more output would be generated if they applied automation, computers and optimizations to those factories as they tend to do in the USA and JAPAN!

So this brings us to the question: how are the debts going to be paid back ? like home prices that have been crystallized at such high values, how can there be any correspondent future work to pay those homes (and this especially in crisis ridden Spain and Italy and such) ? the debts and high home prices and such were created during great bubbles, great (mostly imaginary) expansions of economies, great expectations of never ending future growth and such, and now it is all frozen in this high cliff of high home prices and debts where all of those (or hoped for "new activities" and or new startups and innovation "hiring" millions and such) activities must continue in order to pay back the prices and debts and such, but there is no longer any possible activity that can ever correspond to such high home prices and debts and such. After all, an economy needs just a few really basic activities, home builders, some plumbers, some stores, some car makers, some factories and a few other things (the crappy education and health care sectors that try to sponge off a never ending amount of cash in return of nothing but hot air and crap and power expression as in the doctor hogging up huge pays otherwise you can drop dead and such). So what possible new jobs can be provided and such ? None, but they will always blame you for being the cause, you don't have right "Skill Sets" whatever on earth that can ever possibly mean and such.

So, especially in Spain and Italy for example (and also JAPAN and parts of the USA) the high home prices can't correspond to any amount of work since the work is vague iffy, an optional, subject to random judgments that can assign it is as irrelevant from one moment to the next since nothing basic is really being produced (like when banks layoff hundreds of workers from one moment to the next), since no real tasks are necessary anymore, since most work is an invention today, an arbitrary fairy tale invention of "services" (all of the iphone APPS and other fun and games) and such that can be hosed from one moment to the next since it is not needed, not fundamental and necessary from the outset, and it can be judged randomly in any way at all since nothing is being produced but imaginary products, Information, as in the Information Economy generating loads of information but has nothing to do with any real production of the basics and such (let everyone play on iphones and video games, that will keep their puny minds occupied and such). So the mismatch is between those few real productive workers like the home builders and manufacturers and farmers (those very few needed) and a huge population of vague and iffy activities and such: and the high home prices corresponding to the real work and effort put into something really needed can't be converted back into any other kind of needed work, since there is no longer any needed work and such. The crystallization of high home prices produced by past labor can't be converted back into labor again, you can't extract the money frozen into the high home prices again and convert it into labor since there is no longer any possible labor that corresponds to those values (especially true in Italy and Spain).

So the long term trends will be fewer and fewer real jobs, more concentration of power and cash in fewer and fewer hands, the Technological Economy getting rid of the need of all workers eventually and a Power Structure where a few kings are the bosses of the whole world and such. But the only way to disrupt this trend is to ask boldly and proudly and bluntly for scott free handouts, free salaries and cheap rents to all worldwide, 3,000 dollars a month to all worldwide and rents of only 100 dollars a month (for a 3 bedroom nice house in the suburbs) along with all of the other things I have been saying over and over again like broken record, like a drone, trillions of skyscrapers, trillions of rockets, super consumerism, huge public private projects and so forth.

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