Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Organized Insanity


busty says : "Olds69 is not a Troll because his message is neither coherent nor contrary."

Nay, contrary: JHK is still fighting a 1920s fight against that new technology called the "Automobile": wow and he and most of his followers are all old timers still fighting that other new technology called TV and all such things worshipping Nature and such (we don't need a new religion, give us back the good old Christ for Christ's Sake!). How stupid, we must go forward and become the Kings of the Universe, and Manipulate all the Universe to Death! That is why I am against JHK's ideology: we need Free Salaries, Cheap Rents, Huge Public Private Projects that create Super Consumption, trillions of cars, skyscrapers, rockets and you know the rest.

rhino - cash says: "You know, college and university grads that you disdain, slave away year after year, designing and building and administering and delivering. "

Yeah rhino we know: the Hard Work myth and such, the Work Ethic and such, the need to work alot, but you are stupid rhino, you don't see what is right under your eyes: Work is no longer necessary in a Technological Economy, it can use a few brilliant scientists ("MRI machines" etc.), maybe a few thousands worldwide, but the rest of the millions of workers are redundant structurally, are not needed, there is nothing useful they can do for "Humanity" or the "Common Good" and such: tell me how are you going to occupy millions of more "average" workers for 8 hours a day everyday for years on end, and being paid a salary for what ? Don't you realize most work is just a make believe hiding status fights, officer politics, very few tasks are really necessary, very few manipulations as in Input -> Manipulation -> Output are really necessary or bring about anything but just a show of who can command who to do the next idiotic useless task just to make believe that it is work and they are "working" and such. And actually, a Technological Economy crystallizes the status structure of power more so than ever before (everyone wonders why the 1 % are getting richer and richer while the rest can drop dead ?), exactly because the great majority of workers are "despensable", can be "laid off whenever the companies feels it needs to", can be "replaced in a jiffy", as in "everyone is important but no one is unreplaceable" and such. Work and Jobs is obsolete rhino, get over it, you did nothing but be a salve for all of your life, like millions of others believing that you were achieving and such: nothing further from the truth, only Power counts, only A against B in the end, only the Will Power forcing you to do what you don't want to (or convincing you to do what you think you want to and such), it is very simple: A against B, A fights B, A wins and B loses, end of story, nothing deeper or more important, no Common Good here rhino, no Structural Necessity for labor anymore rhino...and don't say QUak quack, say shpacc a lacc , shpacc a lacc a shlaac a shappcc....

Organized Insanity

The demolition of True and False, the demolition of Fake and Real, of Truth and Lies, the vanishing of any possibility to distinguish between real and false, real and make believe and such, since by deconstructing categories, by demolishing all boundaries between entities and concepts and items and thoughts and delimitations and anything else, anything is right or wrong, anything is good or bad anything can be or can be the opposite and so forth and such according to how the items and the corresponding grammar is organized in minds. Since you can organize random items in any possible way and anything, any sequence of entities and items and events and thought paths and anything at all (planets, stars, electrons, formulas, letters, symbols, the more mixed up the better, the more the items are totally disconnected, incoherent and disjoint the better, the more the contrast between entities the better, the more surprising the mix of entities squashed together are, mixed together, crushed toghether, vaporized and exploded together and then crystallized into a new solid of unknown meaning and unknown new possible grammar and connections to who knows who, the better) in any possible way, then anything can become true or false, anything can acquire infinite value or no value and such, organize things in the most incredible way, make them mean anything and so forth.

And anyways most civilization is based on arbitrary constructions of targets and goals and rituals and customs with no real necessities, they have all been licked now, now it is play time and what better time to exercise Power against the weaker making them believe that there are real structural reasons for so many things when all of those things just hide a simple power relationship, a simple will power against another for no reason at all but just because and such.

And in this way, you always win, anything can become a goal achieved, actually everything is achieved, or anything can become anything else, like any new configuration can be a target and you can invent any sequence of paths the items must be configured as to reach the target as the goal being achieved, as the path towards the target being executed and such and since it is all a random variable, you can invent the wildest and such, keep on creating all kinds of new targets and paths and meanings and jobs, an electron is a civilization and the car tire is the target and the steering wheel is the history of a war within that cilization and you must execute a sequence of complex steps to explain it or to fight that war and so forth and create imaginary minds evaluating all of this and so forth (and their judgments and such, since we are always slaves of judgments, but judgments are always occuring in other minds, you can't touch judgments, only the execution of an event that that judgment can have on your pain/pleasure circuits and such) and you can change all judgments and always win, or program anything, as the pebble is the judgment and the mind is the broom and tin can is the idea behind the judgment, go on you can do it, be crazy and wild, you always win and such. AMEN.


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