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Rhino - Cash ?

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Rhino - Cash ?

Yeah, we know rhino, you were the one who had to work saturday to show the boss you "worked hard" so he wouldn't fire you and such, the "hard work" myth and all, you as a slave;

You were the one who was envious and jealous of all of the liberal, alternative, progressive left wingers in college who laid all the pretty girls who were fascinated by their sophistication and their elite while you were ignored, being a right wing crappy working class origins boy, you could never get laid with all those pretty girls, you weren't liberal enough and such, and you are still fighting that;

You were the one whose parents came from an "old country" and were always shoving down your throat how much better the old country was and such crap (but you knew that the old countries all suck, they can keep their puny culture conservative culture that keeps them poor and such);

You were the one who has to be proud of living a life like a loser, a corporate slave, you never became the boss, the king, always under the thumb of someone and you can't admit what a loser you were and such;

Aren't you a bit like you and me and everyone else ?

But if you did have the power you would like to kill them all, beat them up, like in Django the movie, I envy them, I envy the simplicity of that life, no morality, no reasoning, no nothing, pure instinct, someone you don't like, then just shoot him right off the bat, on the spot, nothing deeper to think about, life is worthless anyways, and so forth (like a piece of paper gives someone the right to kill another on the spot, the law, the indirection, the retribution is made, the equation is solved, vindication for past wrongs, or shooting someone from far away makes them almost invisible, like an insect and such, all irrational, nothing justifies anything else, zero time, no morality here, everything is on the surface, no matter how deep you try to make it, no matter how hard you try, you are just a one bit machine, action reaction, A against B, A shoots B, end of story and so forth) ;

But you are the one who is writing on this blog, you are writing to an abstract imaginary common construction called the imaginary box, like a generalized eye looking down at everything, like god, judging, the universal abstract - objective - absolute judgment of all people, all deeds, all things and such, and you are trying to convince the imaginary box of reasoning how right you are, the magical box of common construction, the box where validity is universal and general, and so forth, but it is all vain and such;

What do you achieve (or me or anything ?) ? you provoke a reply from half way around the world ? you know that another magical box will reply, is listening, the abstraction to its upmost extent? The idea that another piece of matter can experience something you provoked ? and why ? does it even make sense...

Now go on, stick it in the Rant House, go on shove a V8 engine in brains, change brains, change worlds, ever...

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