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Nature Loving Fundamentalists


Nature Loving Fundamentalists

JHK and his followers are still fighting off technologies introduced in the early 1900s like mechanized farming and cars and such, they want to go backwards, they want to turn the clock backwards and all, they are essentially conservative - reactionary - right wing fundamentalists of a religious type wanting to punish "pleasure" more than anything else.

1) Car technology advanced hugely in the last 100 years, don't play this down, and it continues to advance greatly: what we have though is a naturally diminishing returns in technological research, each new advance costs more, is harder to obtain, is smaller and so forth, as an example look at boeings dreamliner jet, 10 % more efficient but costly and with battery problems and such, so each advance is harder and is slower and such) and economies of scale concentrate the technology in merged corporations and such, as for example there are only a handful of companies that have the cash to build a modern IC factory being that it costs billions (Intel, IBM, Taiwan Corporation and such) ;

2) JHK's ideology, the hippie - nature loving ideology, the "against plastic" movements, against consumerism movement is essentially a reactionary, right wing, conservative - backwards looking movement wanting mankind to go back to the stone ages, they want us all to become farmers again and poor and want to reverse all of the technological gains achieved and such; the basis of this ideology is some kinds of remnants of religious fundamentalism wanting to punish pleasure, wanting to punish gains, wanting to keep man primitive and fearful of god (or nature in this case) not wanting to go forward, a kind of guilt complex against all the creature comforts and elimination of hard work that technology has provided us and all; pleasure must be punished, life must be hard, you have to work the land with your bare hands, you are not allowed to be idle and enjoy TV or computers, you must work hard, you must remain in your little local community and shop at the small crappy mom and pop shop that offers nothing but high prices, big box stores are evil since they bring the world together by furnishing goods from all over the world and also by lifting millions of poor people in poorer countries from their poverty and into the middle classes and such; hence JHK's ideology and his followers are envious of these gains and these new pleasures achieved and furnished by huge economies of scale and the huge networks and the corresponding wealth a Technological Economy provides and such, they cannot stand this and they want to punish all and bring them all back to a harsh past where the local boss is king and everyone else is a slave and such;

3) Energy isn't running out (will never run out even though the Nature Loving Fundamentalists would love this to happen so as to punish all us sinners for enjoying the fruits of a Technological Economy watching TV and being idle and eating potato chips and such, all things that must be punished, nature will punish you for these sins (these pleasures, and pleasure must be punished since we must be in eternal pain and such, and see how close all this environmental "protecting" crap is related and tied into hate religions) and such), oil is just one fuel now being surpassed by the use of carbon which is abundant and such: there is a never ending stream of new energies being put online, solar, wind, nuclear, methane, natural gas, biodiesel, ethanol, etc. (gas that is now so abundant and cheap you wouldn't believe it, we have a glut of energy, of gas and such) : this peak oil myth is false, will never happen and can be overcome in untold number of ways like electric cars, more trains and buses, skyscrapers, working remotely from home without the need to commute and such.

What instead we really need is to keep on going forward, to improve the lives of all and this is achieved by doing the exact opposite of what all the Nature Loving, Peak Oil Hoping Nature Fundamentalists Chant: and that is we need way more consumption and production, we need super consumption and a never ending stream of progressive projects, rockets to mars, high speed trains and so forth, a never ending stream of ever more consumption of all, this will lift all of the world out of poverty instead of plunging even the rich world into the stone ages again with all of this anti consumerism and anti car stance and such. We need way more nuclear energy, the cleanest and most advanced energy there is, but the nature lovers brainwashed everyone that nuclear is the devil, we need way more consumption but especially, since the focus should be on consumption and increasing production and wealth and new projects and building and going forwards and not on the stone age ideas of "Hard Work" and "you have to deserve it", then a free salary should be given to all worldwide and cheap rents to all and so forth.

Anyways, Moore's law is almost finished, I guess that in 5 or 6 years we will reach the limits of integration of circuits, maybe 10 to 20 billion transistors, maybe PCs will be 10 times faster by then, so agreed, not much of an advance is possible anymore and such. On the other hand, it is incredible that a standard and old and fundamental technology like housing - homes should cost so much, and be so hard to obtain and such, we should have been light years ahead of still having to fight over homes, they should cost very little by now, it is a well known technology and such: but the reason why they always cost so much is because it is a Power Struggle, a fight between who has the cash and the property and how much they can squeeze out of who needs it and such, a basic good kept away from the needy to make a gain, just like the health care mafia and such.

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