Saturday, February 9, 2013

Iron Maid

Iron Maid

Take any ensemble of items, any random set of things you see, a piece of tree, a car, a house a glass and now assign them and consider them as components of an Electronic Circuit (or any kind of circuit, a circuit that uses a car tire as its "Electricity" or that uses a street as its "fluid" or information exchange means and so on), consider it a special circuit that is performing a function, (and the connections are the grass, a window, a finger, a star, a sun, a mountain and other things connecting the "Logic" of the circuit, any wild design, intricate and complex beyond bold is the schematic diagram) now imagine what incredible thought paths were necessary to create a circuit like that (and what incredible modified New Brains thought them up associates with them, and all other projections as 0 is the circuit, 1 is the thought path 2 is the brain then what is 234 or minus 344 or W or that pebble on the street, and project ever more, mix it up, ever more incredible things, ever more wild connections, ever more abstract, go crazy, make it all go far away and incredible, dream up the most incredible, make the craziest connections, the craziest worlds, the craziest possible ensembles, relationships, interactions, make fun of boring logic), consider what incredible "Laws of the Universe" must be operating for such a circuit to exist and perform a function, or maybe many functions or multiple functions according to parallel minds, and imagine how many new thought paths that will create a new circuit of entities for new functions, wild functions for wild circuits from wild thoughts.

And now imagine how many different functions and how those circuits could work, and imagine a short thought path creating that circuit and a long thought path and multiple thought paths and imagine that the Electricity of the circuit is car tire, and imagine that the circuit is outputting signals that then become themselves circuits that become thoughts and so on, an infinite recursion of possibilities and imagine the pebble and the street and all of its details as a giant Integrated circuit performing some complex mechanism that only another even more incredible and complex thought machine generating trillions of incredible new thought paths could have designed and so forth.

And now imagine the Ocean Wave is another circuit that was designed by another thought path, trillions of thought paths creating trillions of delimitations as functions, an entire forest is a new circuit, created by a steering wheel that is thinking up a thought that is the Star (the entire star is the thought generated by the steering wheel) and so forth, and then put it upside down, the Star is the circuit and the forest the brains and the steering wheel is the thought path, and so forth all of new circuits (infinite precision but also infinite vague, mixed and confused and mathematically precise and so forth), using all kinds of crazy, all crazy and cool and Wop,
Cinderella Candy, APE STAR, Barbie Crazy, ...


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