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rhino boy



4:17 "China recently brokered the long-term lease and management of a swatch of land in Africa to feed its surplus population in Asia: by swatch of land I mean a gross area the size of Pennsylvania and New York State combined. This vast acreage will be terraformed, its indigenous populations removed, and genetically-engineered grain and feed for export drilled in. Its rivers, lakes and aquifers will be bled to feed it and applications of genetic herbicides will be applied to the vast mono-cultures by drones. And this is just ONE foreign investment project!

Oldsmobile69, look down on the fruits of your Ubermenschen. Are you erect with pride? "

No one can do anything about it anyways whether you like it or not, countries, people, forces will do what they want unless you offer resistance, opposition, and if you want to oppose China, well go luck with that.

We will maybe regress back to being only a few hundred ape things worldwide, a few hundred apes, after Nuclear War (imagine what a boatload of fun, all the major cities of China, JAPAN and South Korea, Chicago, New York City, Sao Paolo etc. Nuked, what destruction man!) or maybe global warming will provoke that war, or something else (a giant asteroid ? earthquakes ? who knows, there are many random events and forces of "Nature" playing around), 7 billion people can find 7 billion reasons to fight and go to war and so forth.

But I don't think we will be 100 % wiped off the planet, we will just cycle through all over again, develop all over again and become a thousand trillion until another major war or event or whatever, the cycles will go on and on and so forth.

I read somewhere that at a certain point in the past, a few 100 thousand years (or was that million ?) ago, ape type humans were only a few hundred worldwide, but they managed to survive and thrive anyways. And even if we are wiped out, Natural evolution will probably evolve some similar animal, nay, with all of the electronic leftovers of the previous millions of years who knows what incredible tricks pure blind forces, natural evolution, the random playing out of random forces mixing and matching random entities of matter organized in the most random way can play on us, can construct, can invent and so forth. A new thinking slab of matter interacting and and manipulating its environments and such.

This play of forces will never end, will go on forever, there will be all kinds of things, the distinction between Nature and Fake is simply cultural, mental, Matter likes to play with itself and constructs all kinds of incredible stuff, just because, and even if the planet ends up dead like Mars, well who cares, so much the better, Mars is a nice place, silence, no fighting, no pain or pleasure, a pure spiritual achievement and such, life is overrated, organic chemistry, carbon chemistry is overrated, I like the mostly dead, irrelevant stuff in the Universe, the plasmas in stars, rocks on planets, all things that have no goal, no thoughts, no problems, I like things that have no problems and just exist...

rhino boy says:

2:19 "Here's another perspective: the plain fact is that folks like me are often pre-occupied (and by "pre-occupied" I mean shitting razor blades) with making sure that cash is coming into company coffers."

Good for you, you can keep that job, who wants it ? On a side note, rhino must have had a really horrible life: his repsonsabilities sounded so tough, what kind of work was that that you had to fight off such choosy clients, and crappy bosses and workers ? wow, maybe you were better off working at McDonalds, I don't think so much aggravation and worries and fighting was even really worth it in the end....now go on rhino say I am a fancy pants, a layabout, someone who thinks he's smart and so forth, all criticism accepted, I don't give two c*cks and a d*ck about what anyone or anything thinks, it is all irrelvant and useless anyways, so good for you, you are right, I just hope they paid you a good salary for all of your fighting and such in those crappy jobs you had...

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