Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Saw The Future ...

I Saw The Future ...

We are now shoving down Nature's throat 50 million cars a year, but in a few years we will be shoving done "her" throat 100 million cars: now extrapolating into the future, by the year 100 million we will have shoved down Nature's throat 10,000 trillion cars ! that is so damn cool! Even if just one percent of those cars remain on the "soil", we will have filled the earth with steel and iron and engines and V8 engines, that is so cool, I can't believe it. We win, I win, we will show Nature who the Boss is, god gives you permission, we will drown all Nature in Steel and Iron and Car Seats and Steering Wheels so damn cool I can't believe it ! But that is only cars, now imagine how many jets, houses and trains, and high speed trains and highways and TVs and so forth, skyscrapers, things and stuff, all kinds of things and stuff, wild stuff, computers, chips, all kinds of gadgets and artificial, man made, fake stuff, plastic stuff, stuff that is not "Natural", that is not "genuine" and so forth, I like fake, I like artificial, I can't stand nature and this fairy land worshipping of Nature and such: we should all be loving how much of our crap we shove down her throat, we should enjoy, pure pleasure to know how we are beating "her" up, showing "her" who the boss is, you can do it man, don't be shy, god gives you permission, do it man just do it, first gear its all right, second gear hold on tight, third gear you're out of sight! so groovy, man, sock it to me, man, groovy!

And imagine how many new and cool car models there will be in the future, with 10,000 trillion cars there will be billions of new car models, oldsmobile 98s, giant sized cars, microcars, ant sized cars, huge cars, all kinds of cars, luxury cars, giant rolls royces, all kinds of car models, all kinds of new and wicked dash boards, all kinds of replicas of 1967 Chrysler Imperials and such, so damn cool! I will have so much fun, just like a baby, just like an idiot, who cares, I have no obligation to anything or any idea or any model, I just need to satisfy my pleasure, and my pleasure is in seeing all kinds of stuff shoved down Nature's throat, and all the fundamentalist nature lovers lose and lose badly, I hope they suffer greatly for their loss, I win, we won, the nature killers win so there, I got you back, I got you all back, so cool, I win, I win, just like a little baby, I always win, I am so glad I have remained a little idiot baby who can always win, who wins always, I am god, you all have to respect some kind of morality and values, I kill values and morality, I am the god who took god's place, god gives you permission and such. There should be an eco terrorist movement that does the opposite of what green peace and nature lovers do and namely poison the environment as much as possible, kill nature, drop bombs, make the environment totally no longer inhabitable, so cool and such.

Please don't read this as sarcasm or as some kind of counter exaggeration, I really mean it, I love fake and plastic and am totally fed up with all of this environmental crap and losers and go back to the land and become farmers crap and such, we must go forward and such.

But the real kicker is to calculate how many homes will have been built by then: now maybe we build a million homes worldwide every year (probably a lot more) so that is 100 million square meters of land grabbed away from Nature for our pleasure and such. Now in a million years we will have completely saturated the land of the earth with houses, structures, malls, big box malls, skyscrapers and such, so damn cool ! so imagine how saturated the earth will be with things, cars and houses and factories and malls and highways and airports and so forth, imagine an earth completely drowned in our crap, so damn cool! That's the way I like it!

So the limits of economic growth are in how much stuff we can produce and how much room we have to put it all in, of course we can go underground (500 miles underground full of cars and robots and computers and all kinds of wicked cool stuff) and build ever higher and that is what we will do, and go to other planets and such, and that is what we will do, since if we remained on earth, Economic Growth would finally end structurally as there would no longer be any room to grow and such: so that is why we need to go to Mars and beyond, we need trillions of rockets, we need to colonize the galaxy, automatic production and build ever more, render all fake and artificial and win the war against nature once and for all, show Nature who the boss is, you can do it man, shpacck a lacck shpacc a lacc a shlacc a shpacc, subaru subvaru subaru r ur u shappc...


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