Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Creating a Totally Unrelated, Totally

Creating a Totally Unrelated, Totally

Break down all of the conceptual barriers between words, concepts, things, stuff, items, entities concepts and so forth. Mix them all up, make them become all squashed together, crushed together into new things, incredible new entities having wild metaphysical properties and more, all kinds of ever more, create a new metaphysical material, a new substance made up of bits, and VHS tapes, and books and chips and skyscrapers and forests and thoughts and concepts all mixed up, all connected and disconnected together and such. Let the words melt into each other and let words melt into the things they represent and then into the things they don't represent so you create a new fluid made up of words and things mixed together, a new phase transition of things into a new metaphysical material and such. Let the conceptual barriers melt down and into other things, melt everything together, mix up everything totally.

So the crust of the earth will be all of these things mixed together, crushed together, books, computer programs, engines, machines, robots, words, concepts, words, numbers, all kinds of items, all kinds of disjoint, incoherent things put together and mixed together, and these things become a liquid, a ball of items all mixed up.

A liquid, and condense into a liquid and then evaporate into a gas and then you mix even other things into it, like emotional states, and pictures, and you mix in time and then space and then numbers and then engines, all kinds of things disjoint, you really add apples and car tires and create a monolithic new item you don't apply arithmetic and logic such as you need to add apples to apples, no, you don't the opposite, you mix all kinds of things totally unrelated, you add them up, and you multiply them and so forth ever more crazy, what is a pebble and number 4 and a complex mathematical formula and a v8 engine all mixed up and together ? a new thing, a new groovy thing, a new possibility for wicked modified minds to interact with, to have new incredible Information Relationships with and so forth.

Break the logic and grammar of how things are connected and related and how they interact, break the barriers, make them interact in the craziest ways, make them go crazy, the crust is the condensation of ideas, and concepts and memories and emotions and metals and stones and so forth, all mixed up, all melted together or exploded together into a gas, vaporized into trillions of bits and pieces and then solidified again in some incredible new combination and ever so and insert on top of that new piece of material new concepts and new grammars, symbols, signals, events and new languages, and demolish all languages and create new things and connect all the random things in the most incredible way and go for it, connect a symbol to a piece of steel (but the resulting liquid is different if the symbol is written on a piece of paper, is only imagined, is written on a memory in bits and so forth) be crazy, play make believe, the future is there for you to grab...



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