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The Soup



The Soup

Year 3,512,667,899: the planet earth has become a Soup of entities, the accumulation of millions of years of devices, TV sets, cars, engines, jets, computers, books, thoughts, computer programs, you name it, nay, you imagine it, no matter how far out we will be drowning in a never ending amount of stuff (and histories and information and recordings of all the thought processes that have ever been, all of the lives and such) and so forth. The crust of the earth is the accumulation of machines all crushed onto each other, trillions of microprocessors, old ones, new ones, trillions of chemicals, trillions of car engines, electric motors, old skyscrapers that fell apart, trillions of old rockets (since by the year 3,000 we will already have been constructing a million skyscrapers a year and a million rockets a year through huge economies of scales, robots, computers, artificial intelligence, you name it, the Science Fiction Future Finally Achieved with all kinds of toys, everything imaginable and the population will have reached 1 trillion people, all super rich and scientists and such) the crust goes down for 500 miles full of all of this stuff, and trillions of other things, all kinds of things, radios, chemicals, trillions of old nuclear atomic plants, trillions of old modified brain experiments, all mixed up and crushed together (and liquified together, all phases of matter, a plasma of things, vapor and a liquid and a solid of all of this), the wildest combination of all kinds of disjoint and unrelated items, products, houses, buildings, forests, biological things, mechanical things, robots, electronic things, chips, and all kinds of wacky and crazy brain structures, all kinds of combinations of new mind experiments that have been produced, and created for generations of humans: just think that today, in the year 2013, a very primitive time compared to the millions of years of industrial production waiting to happen, we produce only a billion cell phones a year and 50 million cars a year, by the year 2200 we will be producing 10 billion cell phones a year and a billion cars a years and such, and untold numbers of other things, a huge amount of things, wild things, and such.

And then all of this will be in an ocean of electrons, an ocean of neutrons, and an ocean of all kinds of new invented particles, and even make believe particles, make it all up, make believe and create anything at all as in Free Physics as in invent anything you want, imagine anything you want, no matter how far out and impossible, nay, the more impossible the better (and the crust will be full of all kinds of old Virtual Realities all incomprehensible, all mixed, all illogical and such) we will have a huge amount of all of the planet drowning in huge oceans of all kinds of wacky elementary particles produced by trillions of old particle accelerators that produced all kinds of wild stuff. And now imagine all of these things reacting, undergoing a kind of phase (a phase change) of natural evolution, chips that self evolve and connect to car engines to reactors, to wires, all kinds of new circuits that organize themselves spontaneously, all kinds of new brains that evolve out of this soup of stuff, all mixed up and the combinations are never ending, the reactions amongst all of these things are never ending, all mixed, all creating repetitive patterns, self reinforcing repetitive patterns that evolve and create new species, mixed species made up of chips and pieces of metals, and biological remains, and Memories, old tapes, old records, old VHS tapes and all kinds of memories mixed and combined and all, and so forth, all kinds of crazy chemical reactions and electronic reactions and trillions of programming languages all mixed up with matter, trillions of programs, trillions of pieces of brains, neural networks connected to the strangest chunks of matter, and so forth, imagine how many possible combinations of items can be combined and can evolve from such a wild soup and such.

And such is our future: every new item produced today, every new thing will accumulate into a huge soup that will mix them all up in the end, that will create a new form of matter that will undergo all kinds of incredible reactions, evolutions, all kinds of new Experience Sets and New Minds and Brains that will emerge from all of this wild stuff put together in the wildest ways : a new brain made up of a piece of skyscraper and piece of engine and a piece of jet and a piece of rocket and pieces of chips and pieces of anything else, and this brain will experience a new life form, a new universe with new laws of physics and such: we are producing the building blocks of random, we are mixing the chemicals of the universe in such a way as to create the new soup that will produce new things in the future...

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