Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mix It Up


"The gist of it seems to be that if we just mix up everything in the whole wide world into a new big mish mosh, something unforeseeable but GOOD will result.

I once used to write limericks (invariably with an offensive sexual slant) so someone, recognizing what they took as a penchant for poetry, gave me a gift along those lines. It was like a game. There were these white rectangular pieces each with a word on it. If memory serves, each piece was magnetized so they would stick to a surface like a refrigerator. The idea was to take a bunch of these words entirely at random and stick them on the fridge and maybe do some modest shifting around of the words and VOILA! you'd come up with a POEM."

Mix It Up

Breaking down the barriers between concepts, words, things, items and so forth is the achievement of the liberation of Matter and Energy from its prison of Logic. When you demolish the borders of words from things, and ideas from random crap on the floor and everything from everything else, you finally achieve a richer world, full of new and important things and experiences and possibilities and freedom: we are no longer within the realm of GOOD and BAD, we are beyond all of this petty stuff, of all of these logical constructions, we are in a completely different world and universe, some place infinitely far away from this simple one bit universe.

Mix all things up, just like they are in a brain, after all, everything is all mixed up in our brain but divided into sure compartments and categories, nothing contaminates anything else, everything is ordered according to thought paths, logical constructions, logical grammars, laws of interaction and such: but if you break down all of the borders between categories in brains, then everything becomes all mixed up, everything can become part of everything else, there are no longer logical constraints upon things to be in their place, they can be anywhere and do anything, they can be connected in any number of untold ways and mean anyhing at all and execute any sequeunce of emotions and other thoughts and feelings and so forth and you can connect all of this random insanity to any random pain/pleasure circuits but even more, ever more new sense organs, ever more new divisional experience categories such as super pain and super pleasure and ever more and super abstractions and all kinds of new logics and connections and new universes and so forth and such. Such as if pain is 7 and pleasure is 44 what is 23 ? and what is 12344 ? and what is the car tire ? and the steering wheel ? and such (and I don't mean more or less pain as in intensity I mean completely different conceptual entities from pain or pleasure, a new thing and then another new thing and so forth).

So break down all things from themselves and mix them up, put a tree, a steering wheel, a car tire and a microprocessor in the cooking pan and cook them together and see what comes out, or just crush them together, or even just leave them separate and create a new logic and grammar and language upon them and so forth, and ever more, and imagine that they are super precise concepts and mathematically defined to infinite precision in as even if the tree is different by a nanometer the entire concept would vanish and be demolished and such, or do the opposite; that concept or experience or undergoing Matter and Mass and Energy Phase Transition and Change can be provoked by equivalent items such as a pebble (but only a very specific design of a pebble) a car a planet and an electron (but all extremely precisely designed according to some new and wicked and incredible logic and grammar and thought path and symbol set and event sets and so forth).


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