Thursday, February 21, 2013

There WIll Be Other Things to Do

There WIll Be Other Things to Do

These things have been going on for decades, but whenever the discussion started about the "Future of Work", the economists would always reply "There WIll Be Other Things to Do", "Work Won't Disappear" and such, a pure ideological barrier that simply couldn't admit that the trends were towards the elimination of work: sure "work won't disappear" in the sense that "Power Structures Won't Disappear," "Inequality Won't Disappear" and in order for the powers that be to express their power and will power they will force the population to oblige to ask for "work" since there won't be any other circuit to distribute the huge amount of wealth generated automatically and such. As if the people must be kept blind from something so obvious, the greatest secret of the rich, humanity no longer needs to work, it is all available, but we can't let them know, they have to keep on being brainwashed that they have to "work for a living", they have to deserver it, like a fear that people would be (and maybe they are right?) like little babies that as soon as they knew the truth, that wealth is available for free, they would misbehave, go crazy or who knows who, like the huge fight against the 35 hour work week they had in France a few years ago: do you really think that the fight was over the need to work those extra hours ? no the fight was completely cultural and ideological, they couldn't accept and admit that you can work less and produce the same output (and even way more with less work and hours) and so forth since this would dismantle the entire Standard Economic Model that implies that work is a structural necessity when it is no longer such in a Technological Economy, it is an arbitrary quirk and such.

But so it is, now you all know the truth believe it or not, we are trapped in a period of transition, a period where we are transitioning from old stone age ape like societies where power had to be expressed and and work was a necessity to an era of a workless society with people having loads of free time on their hands and such.

After all, in less than 60 years we went from being mostly farm workers to being mostly service workers go figure and we have JHK who is still fighting against the fact that farms have been optimized, that agriculture can be done with machines, he and his old timers are still fighting against the car, the car culture and such, and TV and such, they have this fairy tale view of an old world where everything was nice and pretty and people were good and such: nothing further from the truth, people were way more violent and crappy than today (if you can imagine that) and poverty and necessity of work made people violent and frustrated and all, he has this fairy tale view of how nice things were in the past, but he is 100 % wrong on everything, especially all the forecasts he produces, everything has been going in the exact opposite direction of all of his forecasts.


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