Friday, February 1, 2013

Free Matter From Function

Free Matter From Function

Goal constricted Matter, task constrained circuits, the circuits that can be designed are all conditioned by the intentionality of use, buy the function desired, by some kind of solution to problem, to some function needed, to some task achieved, to some model of start point -> manipulation -> task. But so is all of the combinations and configurations of Matter we create, always with function in mind, with the expression of will power to be behold by matter, but this greatly limits all of the possible combinations Matter can have, it greatly limits all of the possible circuits you can design on the Million Transistor Microprocessor: so then create mysterious new functions, unknown but abstract and vague, and create crazy and wild circuits and signals (and symbols along with them, and wild schematic diagrams with incredible new symbols, complex scribbles and boxes and patterns as new symbols, trillions of new symbols) that are so much fun...and also do this by creating subtle limitations on one hand and freedom on the other as Matter has to fight arbitrary limitations to be configured and operate according to other subtle and arbitrary configurations all in the spirit of limitations express freedom and freedom expresses the limitations and so on and such, extremely complex circuits designs that have completely unknown behaviors, very complex behaviors that are abstract and mysterious, try out every combination of circuits, imagine 10^1000000 are the possible combinations of circuits the million transistor integrated circuit IC can have, and all of them are performing incredibly abstract and advanced tasks and functions, way higher than anything our puny logic, society, language and mind could ever behold and understand.

Matter is constricted to be in only a few functional combinations according to our desires and needs, but since we have only a handful of completely simple and puny and primitive functions and desires and tasks Matter should perform, we must free Matter from our logic and functions and language, and explore all kinds of incredible new configurations of Matter and assign all kinds of mysterious and impossible to understand functions to Matter now configured according to incredible new imaginary functions and tasks that are super abstract, that are higher and higher, and you enjoy designing the most incredible new circuits and transistor combinations and wild signals, and all of what it can mean, and you achieve Niravan and Infinity with all of these ever new circuits and surprises, every picosecond a completely new surprises, you win, no more simple idiotic functions here, no more simple fights here, A against B, no more one bit universe here or puny one transistor circuit, now you are in a more advanced universe with trillions of new and full constructions, the construction of meaning achieved, of insanity achieved, go for it man go for it. The construction of Meaning.

The great mismatch between what our technology can give us and how we use it, like designing stupid video games of entities fighting (and the corporations designing the machines are only looking at the bottom line, the mythical economic gain and profit from selling things, the same old limited view of existence, when exsitence should always overcome itself forever into oblivion...) when the possibilities can be so much more, so much deeper, infinitely deeper and mysterious, the more incredibly impossible to understand the deeper it is, the more advanced it is, and make believe, play make believe, give it to a little baby, they will design new circuits with those thousands of transistors, analog and digital and doing all kinds of crazy things, and you imagine and go ever deeper, and you become infinite with your wild and crazy imagination, do it man, do it,

first gear hang on tight, second gear it's all right, third gear you're out of sight...


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