Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Edge of a Word

The Edge of a Word, Words melting on their objects, the absurdity of associating words with such complex large scale items that having nothing to do with them, or the functionalization of the words, the intentionality of use defines the coordinates of discourse, the grammer and such. But such is the error, such is the reason why theories never are right in the first place, the decomposition of the items under observation into a sequence of concepts, large scale concepts that are words, and the edge of the words constrains the concepts to leave out everything that counts, to exclude all those little details that will make every and all theories fail, as what the concepts are trying to do is limit the world to a few possibilities when the world has all and no possibilities: the end of theories, the end of any large scale explanations, as if the explanations are outside of the world waiting to be discovered and then applied, as such all economic theories fail miserably (but even all this is a theory which is all wrong, so ignore all of this, the Standard Economic Theories are all correct and so forth), or maybe not even or simply are not applicable or even more don't exist, it is just a wild association of a set of bits with another pretending to be related and such, somewhat like Free Physics and such.

And hence no more testing, no theories are ever valid, the end of all, but also the way talking and sequence of symbols expect the next sequence to keep on digging deeper into meaning, to explore what was said before, to confirm and render what was said before ever deeper and constructing meaning as extension of symbols: but wait, make the symbols stop and stand still for a few billion years and let deep evolve by itself, the Information Relationship Freezed and digging into new dimensions, or the Integrated Circuit put in the brain that is self programming itself and as such is self programming ever more incredible Experience Sets and events, not even denotations, symbols melting upon what they represent, and hyper symbols and circuits and Matter becoming functions and ever more wild and weird situations in Brain Machine Devices, the new economy is such that we will manipulate ever more subtle Symbol Machines, ever more Matter self manipulating itself with ever less effort, almost invisible, almost zero energy effort, the economy will not evolve according to skyscrapers or rockets or anything outside anymore, now it will all become inside, a Solid State Civilization, and not even Information will count anymore, every new Brain Circuit Device will become a make believe and pretend world upon itself (a little baby play make believe by himself since no one wants to play with him) ever more disconnected from all other New Universes with new Laws of Physics Self manipulating Brain Machine Devices (nay, Matter self manipulating itself in the most incredible ways but unknown to all other chunks of matter as such, since information is trying to make a local manipulations known to another manipulation, but this will no longer be necessary, and so forth) ever changing ideas, never ending new worlds and ideas.

The end of the dictatorship of Information as the need to be the same (as other chunks of matter), to know what is happening over there, the end of the prison information has held Observers and Processing machines in, we don't need or care to know what is happening over there anymore, now we are all free from all, free from communication, free to make believe to the utmost, out of society and reason and logic, into pure art, pure incredible and impossible.

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