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Too Many Functions ...

Too Many Functions ...

Extension Register. I was reading about EBooks, videos on tablets, all kinds of information on iphones and tablets and so forth, but this creates a world where only functions exists, there is no longer any extension so to say, at least books contain some extensions between the letters of the words, are a container, at least they give the impression of there being something outside of the functions, the words and phrases and information is within an environment that is not part of the functions, the functions are emerged inside an external world made up of non functions, of extensions, of non defined, like all kinds of books and their shapes and sizes and colors give the impression that something more than pure information, than pure functions, than pure logic exists, it is more relaxing on the mind, the mind can still wander a bit so to say and such. And it makes the usage of information more involved, you must do more things, interact with more intermediate things, (so create hugely complex activities to just read a word, like going to blockbuster to rent a movie was more fun than just sitting still and downloading and watching it all on the screen, no more intermediate, time wasting, distracting things in the middle, but that is what we need, ever more intermediate, time wasting and space wasting things, and ever more complex and insane associations with the objective of discourse you were concentrated on: in short we must become infinitely distracted as opposed to infinitely concentrated on those few puny functions on tablets and computer screens).

So we need a letter of a word written on an Ocean Wave, and the next letter of the same word written on a Mountain 4,000 miles away, and the next letter of the word written on a car tire another 300 miles away, and the next letter written on a TV screen and so forth, as to create a huge chunk of undefined, unknown and mysterious extensions between the symbols giving meaning (symbols being parsed creating functions and logical bits in a mind), so as to create a much larger ratio of Extension To Functions, Extensions To Symbols Ratio, so as to create alot of undefined or maybe alot of substrate upon which the functions must operate upon, so as to make the world deeper than just logic and such.

But smartphones and IT is eliminating all of the material substrates of the world to create pure Information, pure Functions, a world without any Extension, a world without any undefined or anything escaping or being outside of logic and such and the limit of this is a world of only Functions, only bits, all Information being and becoming equal and the very substrate upon which the functions are operating upon, the things about which the blocks of text and images and such are talking about become only other functions, other bits, a world closed in upon itself with no outside, no dead space dead time and such, and the operators of such Information Machines, the Observers become simple action and reaction circuits made up of only Functions themselves, becoming functions and logic and sequence of symbols and events themselves, becoming a chunk of a large video game, a huge density and concentration of functions, the limit of the density of functions tending towards infinite while the density of extension tends towards zero. But we must put this upside down, ever more extension, dead space and dead time, ever fewer functions and more extensions, create means for messages that are ever more clunky, large, complex, unweildy and such (such as in order to read one word you must use large complex machines with a letter on a car, another on a beach, another on the moon and you need complex mechanical contraptions to put the letters together to create only one word and such), do the opposite of concentrating everything in a small screen where nothing else but logic and functions is left and such.

And imagine instead a mind that is always reading in parallel trillions of books and watching trillions of movies all at the same time over and over again in a loop, or all mixed up or whatever, and imagine that the real books are the holes of information, the information that is missing, the relaxation from information, the freedom from the tyranny of thought and logic and information and functions: put it all upside down, a machine that has infinite information and obtains the real information when no information is being dealt to it and such, such a machine would appreciate ever more dead time and dead space, undefined, and mysterious, would love to waste time and space, would love to not think and such...

On a side note, I was reading about how the "Green" economy will create future jobs and such: what a stupid idea, if anything, everything green and environmental protecting kills jobs by the boatloads by being against consumerism and manufacturing and such: jobs can only be created by ever more consumerism and huge projects and manipulation of the environment and such. And anyways green economy creates very little work, once you installed solar panels and wind farms and such the job is done and over with, that stuff can create only a few thousand jobs at most, but as usual you all know what we need: free salaries, cheap rents and huge projects like skyscrapers and rockets to mars and so forth.

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