Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Observer Only" Universe

"Observer Only" Universe

Within the framework of Instant Singularities, technological singularities, modified minds become new Observer types and such. But as such you can imagine the division between inside and outside of the delimitations creating observer and outside world, changing, becoming variable, as an Observer and its corresponding Universe is just one entity made up of a chunk of matter, an item, a monolithic slab of Information Relationship Sets, of Interaction Sets, of Experience Sets sending itself signals, talking to itself, interacting with itself, sending itself information chunks, exchanging bits of information within itself (pretending that it is actually exchanging those bits with some imaginary outside world, when it is all just one world, inside and outside don't exist, belonging and not belonging to is arbitrarily defined and delimited just because, for no reason at all, or at most just for the reasons of how much independence one part of the ensemble has from another part of the ensemble and such) and dividing them arbitrarily as from the inside to the outside, delimiting the set of interactions as belonging to an observer and another set as a reaction or action of the outside (imaginary and arbitrarily delimited outside world, as in all truth it is all one, just one monolithic ball of signals and information exchanges going on between all of the bits within the ball of exprience and interaction sets pretending to be talking to an outside world as compared to an inside world,, pretending to be interacting bewteen an outside world and an observer type reacting to how the independent and imaginary disjoint outside world talks to it and such).

So the limit of the Outside World tending towards zero and the Observer tending towards infinite can create an Observer Only Universe, where the Observer doesn't have to interact with anything independent from itself anymore, can competely invent and make up, and play make believe with itself and create any Universe it can imagine, anything at all, it would no longer have any possible constraint upon its experience set, and you can also have the opposite, the area delimiting the observer tending towards zero as the outside universe tends towards infinite and as such an observer completely drowning into totally independent chunks of information and such. And all other kinds of delimitations and interactions and possibilities and as usual you can also project and create super abstractions as in within a discourse, if 0 is the Observer and 1 is the Universe, what is 347766 ? what is minus th66, what is minus 4333 ? what is fhjrrttkh ? what is the pebble on the street ? what is the car tire and so forth, and the discourse can be intricate (and intractable ?) to no end, such as the words (or worlds ?) of the discourse are made up of symbols such that they are competely disjoint such that the first letter is a car tire, the second letter a steering wheel, the third letter a forest, the fourth letter an electron, the fifth letter a planet and so on, and combining all delimitations to create a symbol set, a sequence of symbols creating new worlds and words and information and so forth.

So you can also imagine a set of bits coming from one sense organ where the division of the bits can create any number of new sense organs according to how the Observer Processor processes those new bit delimitations and such maybe creating them as being sight and sound from a steady stream, a monolithic stream of indifferent bits not belonging to any sense organ at all. So you can also imagine a set of bits coming from different sense organs dividing them as being sight and sound and such and touch but you can also imagine that those bits can simply all be just one generalized sense organ corresponding to a sequence of symbols that can be divided into other new sense organs by the processing machine, inventing them and creating them on the fly, as such when a bird sings, he only uses sound to interact and describe his entire universe, a sound only universe but that is enough to create any universe as rich as any other, you just need a stream of bits to create any unvierse and then split the bits into many different parts and meanings and sense organs creating all of the further dimensions: as a bird from only sound can create vision and dimensions and maybe millions of other new sense organs according to how his processor divides the signals, organizes them in the mind and interacts with them and such-

So coconut says he didn't read a "particle" of "my" post and such: well it isn't my post, all these blocks of texts don't belong to anyone or anything, they are simply information bits, a sequence of symbols, a generalized way to organize information in minds, independent from anything or anyone, a new way to organize information in any mind, and as such the generalized mind is one and only, a monlithic slab that exists inside a box independent from anyone but everyone thinks that it is theirs and such, nothing further from the truth, it is nothing, a generalized information processor independent of us that is on the top of our body...

And that explains why we don't need more information workers, they are all manipulating the same box, the combinational affair as in the new jobs will all be the expression of new combinations. As in the reason why Education and Health Care are creating the most "new jobs" is that since most basics are licked and can be done with few workers, as in most of the Technological Economy has optimized and automated (and can potentially solve all of such technical problems in a jiffy if you get rid of contrasting will powers and politics and fights of puny people over breadcrumbs that can't see the bigger picture) the only thing really left is to try out all of the possible new combinations of information and as a corollary all of the possible definitions of sicknesses and how to solve the sicknesess as in anything can be seen as a sickness, as a problem, you can define anything as a health problem and any target as the problem solved and in such a way create a never ending stream of new sicknesses and health care necessities as anything you think can mean you are sick (as soon as you think you are sick you feel sick and get sick and such) or you have been cured and this is a corollary of all of the possible information combinations in minds inventing their own sicknesses, and all the tests and examinations and health care, and sponging off from all of this the health care industry achieves and such.

As in the number of combinations of only 20 numbers is 10^20, a huge number, so think of education as the need to make everyone memorize 10^20 numbers, so you see education is infinite and the same with health care, a combinational affair, keep a steady stream of bits, and then it doesn't even matter if the combinations are repeated and the redundancies, it is all about repetitions and redundancies today, it is an old and bored society today, it is all about boredome today, and fights to break the boredome and imaginary constraints and resource limitations when it is only fights between people, one person wanting to hog it all up and others fighting that one person or group of persons and so forth and such.

As a conclusion we need Free Salaries to All, Free Rents, and huge projects, skyscrapers and rockets to mars payed by the governments printing trillions of dollars by the FED instead of giving it to banks and such.


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