Monday, March 11, 2013

Anything goes, nothing matters, nobody cares:


Anything goes, nothing matters, nobody cares:

Anything goes, nothing matters, nobody cares:

This is the exact description of reality as it is, we try to make things count and be important, we try to create totalizing religions, viewpoints ideologies interpretations, a lens that explains everything, where everything makes sense according to some set of logical segments and so on, we try to superimpose upon reality some totalizing view and filter, some grid where we have an answer to all, a grid that explains all and shows us what is right and wrong: a war, a battle, peak oil, we need economic growth, anything, any of the large scale totalizing ideas pretending to be all, but is in fact just a puny, insignificant way to see things that doesn't matter, that doesn't mean anything that is probably always wrong or irrelevant and so forth.

Look at the pebble on the street, that occupies your mind and thought, that is the entire universe for all time and space for the moment your attention is on that, the next moment it could be a car tire: but such it is, information is how the observer interacts with reality, any new observer will have a new information set and hence a new reality, information is what gives Matter its inertia, its mass, since without information matter is free to be anything and nothing (and create super abstractions, if matter is 0 and information 1 what is 433 or minus 34?), no grid is superimposed upon reality, just like the grid of the laws of physics pretending to be real: it is just a superimposition of a grid on reality that doesn't mean anything: change the observer the laws change or there are no laws at all, the new particle accelerator can be an apple a can and a car tire and so forth.

10 years ago the war in Irak was everything, all attention was on that, it was everything and such, now no one even remembers it, it doesn't even exist anymore, the same will happen with the Economic Growth Myth or Peak Oil or anything else, in a few years people will not even know what the heck all the fuss was about, even because the years of real economic growth of the west occurred between 1955 and 1995 and no one noticed it or talked about or even thought it was operating then, a whole bunch of other things were important: the idea of processes operating in the background, described as being always present, the other minds always present and this other mind aware state of being is always just a moment away from disappearing. Just like when you get tired of reading the same things over and over again, you need a change, in that exact moment you sense that it is all irrelevant, it doesn't matter, anything goes, nothing matters, no one cares.

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