Friday, March 8, 2013

Reply to Daktoria

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"OK, so what do you want to discuss? It sounds like you're just elaborated a lot on stating the obvious.

I'd give you an A for a paper, but there's not much room for expansion."

Just glut the internet with information, fill up all the memory of the internet with a never ending stream of concepts, ideas, be a hog, who cares, what is there to discuss anyways ? I am 100 % right on everything, I win always, I am always right, I always win, I am always wrong, I always lose, I can say anything and the opposite, who cares, I am god, the ultra god, I am the winner, what else can I say, how can god discuss anything ? he made eveything so...

Writing on blogs, forums is the closest thing to talking to yourself: the strangest thing, you are talking to yourself essentially and everyone else is also talking to themselves and replying to ghosts and such. The information is thrown in the wind, who knows where it goes, what mind it can influence or not, what intractable cause and effect it can generate, the most abstract thing, almost invisible.

What happened to joanne ? what else did she do ? you have permission to scribble on JHK's blog, keep on writing your book, at least we can read something...

ape thug

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