Sunday, March 3, 2013



And just look at all of the things, they can be combined and mean anything, everything can be a part of anything else or can be reduced or exploded into anything else and so forth, the house and car can be reduced to the mall and steering wheel (and imagine all the little details of all of these things and what they can mean and how many trillions of complex relationships, meanings, incredible things they all mean and such) and such and the opposite and the observer could be the pebble or the rock on mars and the thoughts can be the ocean wave and an electron and a photon inside a star and the observer could be the nucleus of Jupiter so forth, all mixed, wild mixes, all connected and disconnected, be the craziest, the craziest possible ideas and chunks of concepts and and ideas so forth forever.

And language itself, with all of its words and compartments, all of the things, not matter or energy or mass energy or existence, but things, anything, anything at all, wildly random things like belonging to any possible syntactical scheme, like a thought and an eye and an emotion and a pain and a symbol and a pebble and a history and a memory, a story, a book, a library, a computer and a "put any word or blocks of texts in this place holder" as any other thing, things and so forth and such can be all mixed up, cooked in a frying pan, or squashed together, melted together, crushed together, or boiled together, all mixed and vaporized and exploded together creating all kinds of new and incredible combinations of new creations, new things, new types of observers and experiences and universes and such, keep on mixing and cooking and connecting all things in the wildest way and create so many new things, new inventions, new contraptions and so forth.

And if there is no solution to any problems like the political or economical problems, then there is no cause and effect operating in the first place, it is not really even intractable since any model of cause and effect is wrong because it is not applicable and such. So we have events without any controlling causes, just a sequence of events with someone making believe that one event is the cause of another just because it appeared before, but it is not so, it is just a disjoint event disconnected from the next, there is no cause and effect, events without any cause, problems without any solutions and so forth (and really all social and economical and political problems will always be without any solution because their basis is simply contrasting will powers, A against B and this is irreducible to any possible solution, it is just a fight with a winner and a loser and the problem just changes hands and becomes the losers problem and such, the law of conservation of problems and such), so then there are no problems in the first place, if the rock on mars is too small and if I invent that as a problem, what causes that ? and why should I invent that as a problem in the first place ? problems are simply inventions our minds creates, models that we suppose reality should abide to and such, but there are no problems or models or causes and effects and such...

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