Saturday, March 23, 2013

Future and Past Mixed

Iron Man Quicked by one. Future and Past mixed, logical segments thrown all over the place, mixed all up, chunks of future and past and present, all stories mixed, all logic upside down, all things unknown and known, all colors showed. Pieces of past, remote past thrown together with pieces of present and far off future, the oldsmobile 98 in ancient rome, the mars computer in New Jersey of 1950,the star man in the year 23444556 comes to you and tells you his news, watch TV: you see your mom when see was young and you are old, but then, it is all mixed up you become young again, or mixed, and all elements of reality mixed disregarding any logic, any story line, all things together all things disjoint, you get the idea, wild and crazy combinations, the brain gets mixed up and mixes up all of its categories, and such then the outside world mixes up, or is it the outside world that observes the brain machine and such, and so on and if 0 is the brain observer and 5666 is the outside world, what is 56 ? what IS WERREMTTN ? what is the mountain and then mixed, segments, logical segments thrown on the ground, in the air, mix past and future, mix it all up, you win become free and happy and crazy, deny logic, and win...

The Ape Thug Machine.

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