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Please, oh, pretty please, build skyscrapers, build like crazy! I was reading that in China they are building like crazy, they have "Forests of Empty Skyscrapers". That is so damn cool, I can't believe it! I can just imagine the blocks of texts that will be written about it in a few years, when their "housing bubble", NAY, "real estate bubble" bursts : "The Disasters of a Planned Economy".
You see, what they are doing is applying logic, common sense, the thought process, the simple linear cause and effect mechanism to a real simple need: Real Estate is a need, it shouldn't be a "scarcity", so the more you build, the better, the more skyscrapers, the more "room to grow", you have. Can you imagine how many chunks of furniture will be needed to fill them all up ? Can you imagine how many computers and TV sets will be put in all of those skyscrapers ? Between offices and houses, they are set to produce an infinite amount of consumer goods for all of that real estate, something never seen in the history of Man: the USA consumption of the 20th century will look so puny, it won't even be on the radar of the future history books.

So they are achieving Mind over Matter, the thought process dominates reality, they are planning it out, they are building their needs outright without waiting for that oh, so fickle, and oh so vague and mostly phony "invisible hand of the market" theory. That is so cool, the Planned Economy, where what I want and decide is being achieved, they are doing what I want, my will power is being respected in China, good for them, good little puppies, keep up the good work!
Now it takes 100 workers a year to make one skyscraper, so to make a million skyscrapers they can easily use 100 million workers, it is completely doable, the workers all come from puny agricultural towns starving to death, they got nothing to lose but their chains. So with 1 million skyscrapers you can put up 50 million homes and offices, each about 100 sqm (no feet system here jose', this is globalization stuff, not your puny Kansas City hillbillies, but anyways that is around 1,100 sq feet). So that can house 250 million people. But I fathom they could hike it up to 400 million workers and make 4 million skyscrapers, so in a couple of years have made enough real estate to house a billion people: NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL EXCESS CAPACITY PUT TO GOOD USE, THE TECHNOLOGICAL ECONOMY ACHIEVING ITS REAL POTENTIAL.

But you say, what about Nature ? Well who gives two c*cks and a d*ck about Nature ? What matters is to achieve, to express yourself, to build, to show that you are dominating, the Mind over Matter is working and producing and achieving real value for your money. We will mine the earth and planets to build skyscrapers, we will make Iron and Steel and Cement in particle accelerators building them atom by atom, we will win and succeed.

I can't stand these Greens and Environmentalists and scaredy cats all afraid of manipulating the living daylights out of Nature, always finding something poisonous and bad in every process, you can't build atomic energy reactors, you can't build high speed trains, you can't do this or that and this or that. What c*cks! all in the name of Nature, this phony "False Religion" if I ever saw one (give us back the Catholics and the old Christ, or even the old Christian Fundamentalists with their hell and punishment and all, but please don't introduce yet another fake religion, another belief system, another set of crappy values). It is their fault we have the economic crisis, we should consume and build like there is no tomorrow, we should build trillions of Skyscrapers, Rockets to Mars, trillions of Malls, buy and throw away like crazy, every 3 years change all furniture and cars, wild crazy consumption, and hose nature, use nature until it no longer exists, since then we will use Mars, and the Sun itself, go on, do it, you can do it, go on.

The Disasters of a Planned Economy

I was looking at some of China on google maps and photos and such. It is "beyond pale", as someone said, they are really building like there is only tomorrow! You can estimate how much excess real estate inventory they already have by a simple thought experiment: the USA has 300 million people, so just imagine to add four extra floors to all homes in the USA to host 1.5 billion. Now look at their towns and cities, most of their buildings have 4 or more floors, but also thousands upon thousands of various high rises, no way they can pull off the excuse of "population", it just doesn't hold, they simply have huge excess capacity with no end in sight. And they have so many smaller towns on the outskirts, probably mostly abandoned. Anyways, I guess they will end up hosting the entire world population for free, they already got the Cheap Rents part licked, that is for sure. And they will also give you a free salary since their money and economy is all make believe anyways (but aren't all economies a fake ?).

Maybe the Chinese government should start paying itself some serious property tax, can you imagine how much cash they could obtain by printing it and giving it to themselves in the form of property taxes and then flooding the world with their cash ? And also, they will fill all those buildings with literally TRILLIONS OF TVS AND COMPUTERS AND CHUNKS OF FURNITURE!. Wow, the have their "Economic Growth" cut out for themselves for a few hundred years. Also they are building developments in Angola and elsewhere, the whole world will become saturated with high rises and skyscrapers: now that is so cool!

At least Spain (and USA) had some market economy still going for it, it eventually had to really deal with the invisible hand of the market and they had to stop building (of course they now have an unknown number of empty apartment buildings and homes, maybe a few million ? unknown for now), but in China there is no feedback loop, no invisible hand of the market that will catch up with them, they will just keep on building until they fill the entire country up with buildings, so cool!
Of course, I fathom most buildings will simply decay and are probably built hastily or whatever, so they build, keep them empty and then they decay all by themselves after a few years, but the cycle can repeat forever.

Anyways I practically already wrote here the future article of The "Disasters of a Planned Economy". Talk about Real Estate Bubble..

Then again, what else can they do ? you got millions of farmers, uneducated, so the only thing they can do is build and build some more. Give them a function they will be happy. So they got nothing better to do but build skyscrapers and buildings and highways and trains, you name it. So this will keep them employed and busy for years on end, we need thousands of trillions of people, to build trillions of skyscrapers first all across the earth and then on Mars and so on. So you all got your work cut out for you, all HARD WORK BABY, build those skyscrapers with your bare hands, build them by the trillions for 24 hours a day for trillions of years.

Why is Man such a Turd ? Why is he based on such a low class technology like carbon chemistry, DNA and all, so quirky and all wrong, inefficient, hose this technology, change the brain mind, shove wild symbols and chemicals and signals inside new circuits, create a new world a new experience.
On another note, even with millions educated like in the EU and USA there is little work for them all to do, so imagine without education, but anyways, even in the USA and EU, even the educated should get down to HARD WORK, BABY, and build trillions of skyscrapers with your bare hands, etc. Enough brainy stuff, Information Technology, fluff, services and such, now only real hard concrete stuff with real concrete!

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