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Short History ?

Re: Economic Growth Terminated

Unread postby nameta9 » Sat Mar 02, 2013 12:56 pm
SIATD v2 wrote:Economic growth is impossible when that growth is predicated on cheap oil, and now there's no more cheap oil.

Tell me, are you paid to post this stuff? Because you seem to post it over and over, always saying the same things, always ignoring responses, always spamming the same links to the same blog, endlessly.

Short History ?

False, we have an infinite amount of energy, just split the sun and grab all of its energy just like we split the atom and such. And if we split all of the stars we can get even more, we have a glut of energy, natural gas costs a few cents now, we have solar, wind, ethanol, you name it, a never ending list of energies and so forth.

The reason why we can't grow anymore is much more subtle: the entire techno-science adventure of this civilization has been around only 300 years, so there is no way you can establish automatic laws of growth as all the economists imply, heck even simply the high standard of living achieved in the USA, EU and JAPAN has really only been around not more than 80 years, a very short amount of time, way too short to make believe that that is normal, or growth, the entire concept of growth is normal and so forth, there is no possible science of economics that can be built upon such a short time span and such.

What we really have is that all of the novelties are wearing off, they are rubbing off, wear off, now there are too few new sectors (hence the constant chant for more innovation and startups and research hoping to discover new sectors and industries when this is all terminated now, the novelties are finished, now we are left with boredom), and especially people themselves are all old (sick and needing ever more costly health care), bored, have done it all, we live in developed societies made up of old people who don't have the drive (and the young ones have even less drive, are spoiled, have grown up in rich societies taking for granted something that has only been around a few decades, it is not normal to live in rich societies, all of history has been poor and crappy and such, and now they couldn't even adapt to societies getting poorer, they just give up and such) and find themselves in a situation of too few real innovative novelties, markets, inventions, too few incentives to do anything, there are too few possible chances to do things, to work, to put effort into anything when it has all been done and it is all old now with no possibility of making a profit or gain (and then the technological economy is eliminating work by the boatloads by consolidation, mergers, automation, optimizations and such and the technological economy generates free wealth without the need to work and such and most sectors now are dominated by huge monopolies like samsung, intel and wealth is getting concentrated in fewer and fewer hands etc.), such that an economy can kick in again in growth mode.

But we need wild growth forced upon by governments spending, we need wild growth mode by governments printing trillions and hiring billions and building things and such, huge government expenditures, huge government projects and plans forcing growth like China does, shoving growth down society's throat, shoving growth down nature's throat and such (but the governments worldwide are doing the exact opposite firing workers and trying to spend less, what idiots, just print and spend like crazy assholes!), the invisible hand of the market won't do anything anymore, since it all has been done, there is no incentive and profit to gain in any sector anymore, it is all old hat, saturated, old, very little real possibility of new growth, very real few new gains and advantages a company can get by robbing it from someone else, since all of profit is simply robbing money from someone else one way or another, just like Apple robs money from idiots buying their iphones and such.

Everything has been done, now the growth mode that has been the rule from 1950s to maybe up to 2000 and such can't come back unless you force it.

The very fact that this high standard of living is so recent, has been around for only a few decades makes it all an exception, an experiment, all an unknown, it is the farthest thing from the linear laws the economists impose upon it all, it is all an experiment, now the only real growth is coming from poor countries becoming rich, simply repeating and imitating what the USA and JAPAN and the EU did from the 1950s to 2000, they are just imitating and repeating the same growth pattern of increasing consumption and such, and hence they have growth, but that will end soon for them too, it is not a given, it is not automatic unless you force it and the only way to force it is by governments forcing it by huge projects and hiring billions of people and such.

And just look at how many other things have changed from 1900 to today, families have completely changed their structure from when they had many kids to having no kids or only childs (and many couples having problems having kids and such) to such crappy perversions like queer couples adapting kids (kids growing up with only 2 daddies and no mommy, what crap or test tube babies) and so many other things (now couples in JAPAN don't even get married and seldom even have children or at most one and such, huge changes in such a short time compared to a few decades ago), all of the family structures, environments, ways of doing have changed radically in 100 years and such, it is all an experiment, an unknown (with wild new viruses in the air, all kinds of new and wicked chemicals playing tricks on humanity and such, all kinds of cool pollution, as I love pollution, it mixes things up again, I like to mix everything up and experiment like a mad scientist), we don't notice how short the time is, just like 10 years seem a lot to a little child but seem a short time for an 80 year old man, so we have always a distorted view of time and events and what is normal and not normal and such-

But the more conflicts and debates and new situations, the more information will be generated, we will throw an ever more increasing number of thoughts, debates and and ideas and blocks of texts and information to problems, the more they can't be solved, the more we will throw information at them hoping to solve them and such.

And we will have planets, trillions of planets with all kinds of fossils made up of trillions of crystallized thoughts, and events and cars and things, all kinds of things all mixes of things, concepts, ideas events, all broken down and merged into each other, all barriers broke down, all new hybrids, insane and crazy hybrids and such, things impossible to understand and conceive like a thought and a chair and an emotion and a history all mixed up and put into a new thing and such, mixed and all splashing into stars and mixing with other civilizations, aliens, all kinds of new contraptions made up of symbols and electrons and car tires and thoughts and memories and emotions all mixed up all converted one into another and all, we will have the wildest-


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