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Buy a House ?

Buy a House ?

To buy a house most kids would need some kind of mortgage, 20 years at 700 dollars a month maybe ? who knows, depends where when how and so forth: but this implies that you will need to have 20 years of a steady job somehow, paying you a steady pay, that not too disruptive things happen, that there are no big changes in 20 years and so forth. Is this reasonable ? is this even possible ? is this reasonable when the economic relgion, the lifestyle, the fashion of the age is to always change and innovate and be competitive, and compete, and change "kinds of jobs every 2 years" and so forth, when everything is in competition with everything else, when all jobs, endeavors can be questioned, are constantly being questioned, are being judged and evaluated by ever changing rules and rulers and standards and so on (since nothing real or concrete is being produce like a washing machine or a TV or a car, since that all belongs to the old fashioned "Industrial Age" and we now live in the more advanced and progressing "Post Industrial Age" the new fangled "Services Age" those services that are full of BS, health care costs rocketing and innovation and education and so forth and so on and such) since most work today is simply much ado about nothing, but since economic growth means that the work and "activity" must increase then that means ever more much ado about nothing must be invented and created, alot of spinning wheels, different wheels, alot of random activity change, emergencies, all kinds of changes, crazy working hours, hires and fires, as change is the only thing that can create increase activity and new jobs and so forth, but especially how to evaluate the worth of all of this useless activity can change instantaneously, is always so very iffy, yesterday that app was worth gold, today it is worh zero as everyone all of a sudden notices how stupid and useless it was in the first place and so forth, all things done can have any value and any judgment, can be hacked and hosed from one moment to another and no one would notice except the crappy worker fired and so forth (especially in banks and the "Financial Industry").

But in a rational world work is not normal but should be the exception, should be perfomed when needed and when necessity, not programmed to last 8 hours a day everyday and so forth and not only that but work, the amount of work needed, the number of jobs created should constantly decrease in a progressive and advancing and evolving society, a scientifically organized society, there should be ever less need for work as things get optimized, automated and so forth, in such a society economic growth would occur through fewer and fewer jobs, less and less activity and the growth would correspond to more and more money to consume more and more but with less and less work needed: but we got this mechanism all upside down: work is expected to generate ever more work and activity to create economic growth: a double contradiction, not only is there a lot of work being perfomed that generates nothing, produces nothing but represents a proxy for power and status relationships, is a proxy for human interaction, as if without work human interaction wouldn't even be necessary at all except for a few random times when something really needed to be done, but the economic growth myth and religion imposes that ever more useless work and activity and much ado about nothing be created and invented, the most non productive possible society ever. Not only is much work not producing anything, but this economic system needs ever more work that doesn't produce anything, go figure and all because they can't simply and honestly distribute cash to all and call it a day with this stone age idea of labor needed and so forth. But there is simple reason for all of these paradoxical contradictions and namely: man cannot simply accept that he needs to labor less and less as science and technology advances, he can't find a way to distribute money, so he imposes a double contradiction, do loads of useless work that creates the appearance of work that creates human interaction so as to make it look like work so as to then finally distribute cash, whcih is the only real thing that counts, not the activity associated to it.

So, in light of this, how can there still be a housing market at all ? how can people load on a 20 year mortgage when no job or activity will ever be steady and sure again ? who will pay for the risk ? the buyer risks losing a lot of cash, the banks get richer through interest and so forth, and the buyer has to start all over again in another state to perform a new fangled new job that all of a sudden popped up and so forth.

And then the pay levels may change, so many variables may change since in a society where the very definition of what is work is no longer even clear (only the amount of time at the job counts, but if you could pull off the same "production" (whatever that means) with only 2 or 3 hours a day of work, no one would pay you for that since that would be like cheating, we still all have this 18th century factory idea that time is equivalent to product when what it really means is the guy paying you is paying to take as much time away from you as possible just because, to punish you, since everyone likes to punish everyone else by taking time away from them and making believe that is work, your time (lost) is your product - but with smartphones always on the time at work can become infinite) anything goes, anything can be invented as work or needed, any game can be played, any new rules can be enforced: but all of these rules are all based on the same old same old power and class structure heirarchy: he who has the cash to pay you is the boss and you must abide end of story, and he decides what is needed or necessary and important all else is irrelevant( only that most of what he decides also is irrelevant and arbitrary).

The entire model of buying homes is so iffy: of course some could say that now that work is so mobile, internet based, is all information based, you could work from home or work anywhere, only the information interaction counts and so forth: but then companies wouldn't impose a constant presence in the premises and homes in NYC and Los Angeles an London would be worth as much as any place else and the prices would all go way down: obviously this won't happen, real estate is a power struggle, is a proxy for a constant fight between who has and who doesn't, large populations are kept out of homes by high rents and high home prices but no one can do anything about this since the amount of cash accumulating everyday worldwide is constantly increasing and this trickles down to incireasing property prices sooner or later (if the NYC family didn't buy that house in London, the Chinese rich will and hike up the values) and so forth.

And you can have millions of empty homes and home prices never going down like in Spain, Italy and China and so forth, and you can have governments tearing down slums and leaving the poor without any homes as happens in africa only to build very high priced homes, as a statement of power, as a status thing, you see I have the thousands of homes you all need but I will keep you out of them to show my power and to keep the prices up by keeping an artificially created home pressure always present and so forth.

But the bottom line of all of this is simply: groups of people, societies, cultures, countries, tribes will do all kinds of irrational things, can organize themselves and create the most irrational rules and behaviors and ways of doing for no reason at all, arbitrarily, totally arbitrarily: as if the logic in one mind can be linear, but the logic of 2 or more minds can be totally flawed and irrational and so forth simply because man ends up always being fight, competition, playing games between each other in who wins or loses who can cheat the other guy, who can gain any upper hand by random situations and forces and configuration of forces appearing from nowhere and going to nowhere and so on.

The reason why the USA has some more rational and cheaper home prices compared to Spain or Italy or Brazil or London and so forth is because the USA is a flexible system in a larger sense: easy hire and fire, a lot of changing and changes and people moving around to other states letting home prices change somewhat (although not very much anymore since these prices tend to remain high, but anyways) whereas most of the rest of the world has a savings mentality, they want to save cash (instead of consumerism like the USA) and the best place to park their cash is in real estate and keep the prices high: and also because most of the rest of the world is not flexible like the USA; hire and fire and change and so forth.

But then again eveything could change in a jiffy, if all of those chinese familes or london families feel their homes aren't worth much anymore the prices could indeed crash, randomly and chaotically, it could happen, everything is based on very subtle fake stabilities and the more we go forward the more unstable everything is and you could have millions of empty homes with ever increasing prices and millions of homeless too, all possible combinations and events are possible.

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